Al-Aqidi’s Struggle with Ilhan Omar… a Partisan Rivalry or Developed Islamophobia?

Rep. Ilhan Omar
Rep. Ilhan Omar

Massar Abdelmohsen Rady

The Egyptian’s media , draw Miss. Dalia al-Aqidi, as a blonde David from Iraqi roots, encounter a dark skin Goliath, from Somalia’s origin, incarnated in the character of Mrs. Ilhan Omar, the representative of the 5th Congressional region in Minnesota.

The elimination of the political life cycle for Mrs. Omar, seemed the only solution for Miss. Al-Aqidi to not run to the Moon .

Omar infected with anemia in Americanism 

Miss. al-Aqidi, the member in GOP, found that Mrs. Omar, doesn’t love US enough, as their statements suffered from the symptoms of anti-Semitism and Americanism.

In doing that she inspired the enemies in Middle East, against her motherland; as Iraq for Miss. Blonde, no more than the home town which she grew up in.     

What I mentioned above, made Miss. “Iron man”, saw in the Democratic representative, a personal adversary. she is blamed her: transformed the American Congress to a theater for celebrities life exercise, let herself represented the whole Muslim’s community in home, and gave a legitimacy-cultural and political injection to Muslim Brotherhood and its fronts- like the Council on American-Islamic relations (CAIR).        

Maybe we can fitted the faults of Mrs. Omar, in the following sentence: the constant calling to rationalize the using of Israel in the US’s foreign policies.

This faulty call for this Muslim representative, came from her ownership to a natural credit of advantages and faults. From her advantages: witty-tongue, and the color of her skin. of course; the evaluation for the good and bad, in Omar’s natural credit, depended on the American voter, which became polarized between Blue and Red.  

The political faults-advantages for Mrs. Omar, can be summarized democratically: a refugee from the east of Africa, Muslim, and her membership in “leftists squad”, which constituted from a quadrilaterals female, representing the most excited front; in the progressive wing of the Democratic party, as media’s evaluation it. her republican faults are: her democratic features. 

Somalia: CSP’s factory for Islamophobia products

 We cant’s decipher the attitude of Miss. al-Aqidi from Mrs. Omar, depended upon the binary of Red and Blue. I will offer an explanatory version, which it will stop before the entrance of Tabloid.

Al-Aqidi is a Senior fellow  in the Center for Security Policy. The founder of CSP, is Mr. Frank Gaffney Jr. and he’s old Reaganism –attributable to president Ronald Reagan- infected with Islamophobia, and conspiracy theories, their essence: the sought of Muslim Brotherhood, to substitute the American constitution with “Islamic Law”. Gaffney have also what we can describe as a chronic “Somaliophobia”, driven him to announce his terror, from the work of Somali workers, in  the chain of factories which treated meats.

Gaffney and his colleagues, succeeded in convinced, many legislatures  on the counties level, issued an anti-Muslim legislation, which criminalizing the implementation of “Islamic law” in the civilian transactions, like marriage, as Christians and Jews did for decades.

Experts in American constitution considered this, as a legal chatter, supported themselves with the fact, that there are no gaps in the American constitution, which foreigner laws can achieve a triumph over it.

This Islamophobia’s chatter, achieved as example: the preventive of resettlement of the Syrian refugees in those counties. Gaffney and his colleagues, become like “Stork-Bizarro”. The original version of the Stork in Cartoons, carried a child to the happy couple, but the negative copy –Bizarro- which written by Gaffney working as crow, stolen the precious and paid price by leaving Islamophobia on American windows.

Miss. al-Aqidi seemed a development for these legislations, incarnated in flesh and blood. She felt the competition’s  excitement, between her and Mrs. Omar, in the 5th Congressional region of Minnesota, despite that the republican incubator there, semi to a feather fighting a democratic wind. We can give a short cut for al-Aqidi excitement, which she revealed it in those words: it is the first time in the American political history, which an American Muslim woman stand in the face of Islamists.

Unfortunately, that have a relation with truth, but by a sideway – the poet Baudelaire description for the nature of relation between poetry and truth- whilst the reality disclosed for us, that she implicated ones of Gaffney Jr. recommendations: prevent the Islamists from reaching to the regions where there are a Muslim voters.

Truths from Internet Junk and Media’s foolish gold

The Journalism’s instinct for Miss. al-Aqidi, similar to a general who led many battles, in the whole world. those battles lasted for thirty years. Because of that, she perceived the anonymous sources for journalist as the: Foolish gold of Journalism.

Journalism also according to al-Aqidi, another face for politic. thus; if we want to use her views to edit an inspiring sentence, the try will: the anonymous philanthropist is the Foolish gold of politician.

Miss. al-Aqidi supposed to know as example, that Mr. Gaffney and his colleagues, by research evidences are: a mouth-piece to Islamophobia, with close relations to fronts and characters supported Israel. As well to ask about the wide alliance, which constituted by Gaffney, from the anti- Muslim think-tanks and organizations, Immigrants, and who calls for the supremacy of white race.    

Real danger which represented by the negligence of Miss. al-Aqidi, that she allowed, according to what an ex- member in AIPAC said: the continuity of Israel political opportunistic, to Xenophobia of her American citizens. And waxing the image of Arab- Muslim as: backward, idiot, and savage, in the cinematic consciousness of American citizens, when the Middle East jumps to the fore.    

The other parallel danger, could reach the Iraqi-Americans, and exposed them to lose their morale credit, as a minority in their numbers, among the Arab-Americans. The number of Iraqis doesn’t exceed “250 thousands”, as Michelle Mittelstadt mentioned to me, and she’s a director of communications in the Migration Policy institute.

The Stick of Israeli lobbies Adores Iraqi Geography

A source from Iraqi-Americans, asked to be anonymous –he have a democratic tendency and most likely he is a member in the democratic party-revealed to me, what I can evaluated as a cultural and political conflictual, among Iraqi-Americans: “from my interactions and observation to Iraqis whose I met them, most of them republican, and supported the overthrowing of the ex-Iraqi regime in 2003”.

His opinion about the offensive which Miss. al-Aqidi practiced it and still, against her rival, Mrs. Omar, said: “it’s like any disagreement between democratic and republican, but offensive is a style for the most of republicans”.

When we focused on the politics of Red and Blue, I found that they used the American citizens, which their roots backs to countries, ruled by failed regimes like Iraq, as an instruments to legitimize the chronic politics of using the military force, for the US administrations, in the failed country of origin. Or to make changes: demographically, and to the borders in the region, in which that country is located.

The basic of catastrophic here, that Israel used the Arab-Americans; especially, to push a wrong ideas, about the instance of some minorities in Arab countries, to promote for American resolutions, facilitating the division of these countries.

Israel in this, tried to circumvent the attempts of wise in bipartisan, and using the saw of identity policies: religious and racism.

My advice is to add a paragraph for the foreigner agents registration act (FARA), prevent the work of the American citizen, from Arab origins, with any Israeli lobby, have interests in the country of origin for this citizen – also the neighboring countries- and limited its acceptance to the lobby’s activities, for any foreigner agent, from afflicted countries, on whom represented the legitimate government of his country –internationally recognized- not a representative for his sectarian or racial group.       

In the end, I note that I tried to contact with Miss. al-Aqidi two times – through her account on Twitter, but I didn’t get any replay. After I published this article in Arabic language.

 I tried a third one, and informed her, there will be an English version for the article, she accept in the beginning, but after read it (Arabic version) she refused and comment: “I totally disagree with this”. also I sent questions to CAIR, and it’s executive manager, but both doesn’t replay.

Massar Abdelmohsen Rady, an Iraqi Journalist, Narrator; published two books, worked as executive editor-in-chief for Iraq Alyoum newspaper for more than 15 years, write in Arabic and occasionally in English, he published in many Iraqis and Arabs platforms, political researcher focused on MENA generally, hosted regularly on Iraqi and Arabs TV channels

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