Airbus Helicopters’ H Pilot Club Unites the Community of Pilots Who Fly and Support Its Rotorcraft

The global community that operates Airbus Helicopters rotorcraft now has its own association to share their experience, expertise and passion: the H Pilot Club.

Officially launched today at the Paris Air Show, the H Pilot Club will create a dialog among the flight crews, mechanics and customers who own and operate Airbus Helicopters rotorcraft, while also providing opportunities for meetings to network within the industry, share best practices and get more insight into Airbus Helicopters.

“Inspired by automobile manufacturers’ clubs for those with common interests, we are creating H Pilot Club to unite the worldwide community that flies and supports Airbus Helicopters,” said Guillaume Faury, the President & CEO of Airbus Helicopters. “Its members share a common passion for aviation, rotorcraft innovation, and the excitement of flying and working on the best products in the industry. Being a part of the H Pilot Club means being a part of the Airbus Helicopters family.”

Dedicated meetings will be organized for members, along with special events during major air shows and opportunities such as visits to Airbus Helicopters production locations.

The H-Pilot Club has its own website ( for membership sign-ups, which also offers information on the association’s activities. Beginning in September, the website will be expanded to include discussion groups, an on-line store, as well as exclusive information for members.

“H-Pilot Club opens a new way to communicate, enabling members able to exchange their knowledge that comes from the very diverse utilization of our rotorcraft,” added Airbus Helicopters Chief Test Pilot Hervé Jammayrac. “We want to unite those who fly and work on our aircraft, and allow them a place to engage with other members of this community, which is full of people from all walks of life around the world. We want them to know how much we appreciate them.”

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