£4.8M Contract Extension for BAE Systems Integration Support Team

 Our Defence Information F-35 UK Lightning Integration (UKLI) team have been awarded on the 14th of September a £4.8m contract extension from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to continue supporting the UK integration of a ground-based air support system for the Lockheed Martin-led combat jet.

The UKLI team provides engineering support to the MoD around the integration of ground-based logistics systems and processes used to support F-35 Lightning II operations and maintenance.

The primary part of this work is around integration of the JSF-developed Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS), a web-enabled IT system which integrates capabilities including operations, maintenance, prognostics, supply chain, customer support services, training and technical data on a single, secure network. Lockheed Martin develops and fields ALIS as the single F-35 fleet management system.

The extension of the contract covers a further two years, until April 2017.

Adam Morgan, Head of Software and Services for Defence Information, said: “The extension of the contract to continue the UK integration of ALIS is fantastic news and represents a further strengthening of the very successful relationship between BAE Systems and the UK MOD.”

The first milestone for this contract was achieved in the final week of July when 130 military, government and industry representatives from six countries attended the latest Representative Sustainment Integration Test (RSIT) event at the Maritime Integration Support Centre (MISC) in Portsmouth.  The event was very well received by the participants and was regarded by the team as the most successful one to date.

The event focussed on evidence gathering to support certification and acceptance testing for UK MOD, and is the first of a series of events scheduled over the next two years.  Future events will focus on more evidence gathering and integration of existing UK military information systems to support F-35 Lightning II sustainment.

Over the next 40 years UK industry will continue to play a vital role in the F-35 Lightning II’s global production, follow-on development and sustainment, bringing strong economic benefits to the country and sustaining thousands of jobs.

In the UK, we are the manufacturer of the aircraft’s aft fuselage, vertical and horizontal tails, and CV wing tips. In the United States, the Company provides the F-35 with active inceptors, vehicle management computer and the electronic warfare suite.

We also have responsibility for the fuel system, crew escape, life support, prognostics health management integration and UK aircraft carrier integration support.

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