VIVOTEK Provides High-Coverage, Low-Profile Surveillance System for Lublin’s Elegant Cultural Center

Lublin City Culture Center: A Stylish Combination of History and Modern Culture

Lublin, the largest city in Eastern Poland, has recently proudly opened the doors of its Cultural Center. The center is housed in a large and elegant historical building, originally a Roman Catholic monastery, dating back to the seventeenth century. Stylishly renovated over four years, the Lublin Cultural Center opened to the public in 2013 to offer theatre halls, galleries, space for cultural activities, a café and a library, as well as stylish office space. In open and inviting outdoor spaces, facilities for skating and other activities, as well as ample car-parking are provided. The cultural capital of Eastern Poland, finally has a Cultural Center at which to display its great heritage as well as its modern talent.

The Challenge: How to Keep Cultural Treasures Safe While on Display.

Of course, the Cultural Center faced the same challenge as every museum, art gallery, and important cultural space which opens its doors to the public: how to provide wide access to its abundant cultural treasures (including the historical building itself), but at the same time keep these treasures safe for future generations. To make the challenge even tougher, any surveillance system would need to seamlessly blend in to this classically beautiful and refined environment. Lublin needed high tech coverage of large and many-faceted spaces, but needed to preserve the aesthetic it had worked so hard to create.

The Solution: VIVOTEK – High-Coverage, Low-Profile, Easy to Install.

A total of 34 VIVOTEK cameras were installed across the cultural center. The broad coverage and low-profile of VIVOTEK’s latest cameras allowed the distributor, SUMA, to provide the Lublin Cultural Center with a total surveillance solution while not disturbing the interior design or the stylish facade of this historical building. By adopting VIVOTEK’s latest technology, this relatively small cultural center is leading the way for larger museums and galleries across the globe.

Inside and Out: VIVOTEK Cameras Blend-in While Providing Crystal Clear Coverage.

For indoor spaces, such as galleries, the café, and the library, 26 VIVOTEK FD8163 fixed-dome network cameras were chosen for their low profile and stylish design. The FD8163 features full HD, an advanced Smart-Focus system, as well as Smart-IR and a PIR sensor. The camera provides superb image quality at up to 30FPS, and as VIVOTEK understands that the same space demands different coverage for day and night, the FD8163 features a removable IR-cut filter and 15-meter Smart IR illuminators, maintaining clear images 24 hours a day. Further, in gallery spaces which are not always occupied, the FD8163’s PIR sensor allows the camera to detect when someone has entered a space.

For the outdoor spaces of the Lublin Cultural Center, 8 Supreme Series IP8362 bullet network cameras were strategically placed around the stylish façade of the historical building. The IP8362 features Full HD, and this combined with its WDR enhancement feature ensures that users can identify image details in both extremely light, as well as dark, conditions. To further enhance this ability to deal with any lighting conditions, the IP8362 is equipped with a removable IR-cut filter and built-in IR illuminators for both day and night applications. This ingenious camera is then protected by its IP67-rated housing, ensuring smooth operation in any weather conditions, including Lublin’s cold winter, and keeping the camera safe from vandalism or tampering.

The Latest Surveillance Solution, The Easiest to Install and Maintain..

The last thing the curator of a cultural space wants to do is constantly maintain security cameras. In an ideal world the cameras would be installed simply and quickly and then be remotely managed. This ideal world is what VIVOTEK is creating. VIVOTEK has equipped the FD8163 with the Smart Focus System including Easy Focus Button and Remote Focus. VIVOTEK has adopted lenses with a built-in stepper motor that the installer can use to remotely control the focal length and precisely adjust the camera focus, offering hassle-free installation and maintenance. Furthermore, the unique design featuring four-step mounting also facilitates installation of the FD8163. This flexibility means that the Cultural Center can avoid the need to adjust each camera locally, thus keeping its gallery and other public spaces clear of security personnel. Taken in total, all of the features mean that Lublin’s Cultural Center isn’t only providing a rich cultural environment, it is also leading the way for other museums and galleries across the globe by installing the very latest, the very best, and the most stylish surveillance system available.

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