VITEC Powers Up for EUROSATORY 2024 with Rugged ISTAR Encoders and Tactical Video Management Solutions on Display

VITEC, a leader in the Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) technology community, will showcase its latest enhanced streaming technologies at EUROSATORY 2024, Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, 17-21 June. In Hall 5A on Stand K341, VITEC will spotlight its advanced and versatile ruggedized TOUGH encoder family dedicated to harsh situational awareness video acquisition, as well as the new MGW Diamond-H, a 4K & Dual-Channel SD/HD HDMI Encoder. EZ TV ISR – VITEC’s video content management solution designed for rapid deployment in the field – will also be demonstrated. As a solution provider, VITEC will present a session as part of Eurosatory’s conference programme, highlighting how video workflow challenges can be resolved.

On show at Eurosatory for the first time, the MGW Diamond-H offers cutting-edge capabilities that stream Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) video feeds over RF or satellite links providing real-time situational awareness and enhancing tactical decision-making. MGW Diamond-H’s screen sharing capabilities enable seamless collaboration and coordination among team members, able to share mission-critical information in real time. With stream protection technologies like ZixiTM, SRT, RIST, and Pro-MPEG, it ensures secure and reliable transmission of critical data, maintaining operational integrity. Additionally, Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality simplifies deployment by delivering both power and data over a single Ethernet cable, reducing the need for additional power sources and making it ideal for rapid, flexible installations in dynamic field environments.

“VITEC is committed to delivering reliable, high-performance ISTAR video streaming solutions for the most demanding military applications,” says Mark Rushton, Defence and Security Specialist at VITEC. “Our encoders are built to endure harsh environments while providing exceptional video quality at low bitrates, a critical requirement for today’s bandwidth-constrained missions.”

On Wednesday 19th June at 11.30am at the Exhibitor’s Corner (Hall 6), VITEC’s Mark Rushton will present a session titled Workflow Challenges in Real-time Video, where he will discuss the technology available to overcome challenges observed in real-time video distribution in the Defence and Security Sector. The presentation will help attendees to understand the constraints of real-time video, transmission and receiving, over multiple network options and how to overcome them.

Also showcased on the VITEC stand will be the MGW Pico+ TOUGH, a compact and power- efficient video encoder designed for unmanned and manned land, sea, or air vehicles. The MGW Pico+ TOUGH features an ultra-small airborne and marine certified enclosure and is made to work in all environmental conditions. It overcomes network bandwidth constraints to ensure best video quality at low bitrate and now provides overlay capabilities for timestamping and camera identification. In addition, this encoder can adjust its bitrate ‘on the fly’ to dynamically optimize the video quality to the available bandwidth. The miniature device weighs less than 400g and is the smallest, most power-efficient HEVC and H.264 HD/SD video encoder on the market.

Another member of the TOUGH family is the MGW Diamond TOUGH, a quad channel HEVC and H.264 HD/SD encoder which provides multi-channel low latency streaming supported by High Dynamic Range (HDR) for exceptional video contrast and brightness. In addition, the included next-generation HEVC (H.265) compression supports the reduction of network bandwidth utilisation by up to 50% compared to the current H.264 standards.

Rounding out VITEC’s offering is the EZ TV ISR a fully integrated tactical IPTV system, allowing users to process, archive, index, manage and share tactical video and metadata content. Its secure and reliable architecture – which meets information assurance and cyber-security requirements – enables government and military entities to quickly exploit and process live and recorded video assets. EZ TV ISR can be rapidly deployed in the field or in a secure, hosted site to serve as the central interface for managing live and tactical video feeds.

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