Vertis Aviation Completes First Circumnavigation of the Globe with BBJ

Switzerland-based Vertis Aviation, part of the independently owned aviation business the 28 East Group, has just completed its first Round-The-World leisure journey. The trip, which took four weeks to complete and involved eleven stops, was served by the latest aircraft addition to the Vertis portfolio, the Boeing Business Jet on behalf of a Middle Eastern client.

The route departed Riyadh then headed to the southern hemisphere taking in Cairns, Hamilton Island, Sydney, Queenstown, in Australasia before heading to Argentina landing at Mendoza and Buenos Aires. The final sectors took in the US cities of Dallas, Las Vegas and Los Angeles before heading east again to Paris and back to Riyadh. The Boeing Business Jet was chosen for the route owing to its capacity to serve the long sectors being flown. From an operational point of view the twelve-hour range capability of the jet reduced the number of required technical stops, whilst for the client the spacious private bedroom and excellent WiFi connectivity ensured maximum comfort throughout the flight. The clients also benefited from the excellent service of two flight attendants and a two Michelin star chef who accompanied the flight during the whole journey providing the clients with the finest quality cuisine.

This highly complex route required an immense amount of preparation and logistical planning in order to accommodate the client’s itinerary. The high number of sectors across the globe involved a number of crew changes, with further levels of complexity introduced owing to inclement weather and the client’s changing requirements.
“It was a challenging but successful trip, which we managed to execute to the customer’s satisfaction owing to our excellent relationship with Privajet who manage and operate the aircraft,” said Jeffrey Emmenis, Partner Vertis Aviation. “Fortunately Privajet is an efficient management company that understands the special requirements of our clients and they have the same boutique approach to maintaining the highest quality of service as Vertis, which is extremely important for us and our clients,” he added.

“From an operational and management point of view, the challenge with a trip such as this is to be able to control the costs, transparently, by anticipating the possible problems and finding the right solutions without compromising on the quality, safety, and customer satisfaction,” commented Jérôme Franier, Commercial Director of Privajet.

Privajet operates the Boeing Business Jet under management on its Maltese AOC. It anticipates expanding its boutique fleet in the near future to include further wide body aircraft and is already in discussion with owners of further BBJ, Airbus Corporate Jets and a range of Bombardier and Dassault models.

The BBJ that flew this journey features a luxurious, spacious interior with a full bedroom including queen-sized bed, two shower rooms, a six-place conference/dining room and two additional seating areas. This is complemented by a full state-of-the-art entertainment system with Wi-Fi, a full range of TV, films and music which are displayed on High Definition screens making it perfect for the four week Round-The-World leisure trip.

The aircraft forms part of the Vertis portfolio of aircraft which it markets exclusively on behalf of its operating partners which includes: Gulfstream G450, Gulfstream G650, Bombardier Global 6000, three Airbus ACJ corporate jets, Bombardier Global XRS aircraft, Bombardier Global Express, and a Dassault Falcon 7X.

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