Verba MANPADS scores helicopter hit

  • It seems that for the first time MoD officially reports on the helicopter interception by Verba
  • Succcesful combat use could increase popularity of Verba at the global market, making it also prominent (in addition to already well-known Igla type)
  • From technical point of view most interesting things to highlight are:
  • high jamming-resistance
  • first MANPADS in the world with the unique infrared three-spectral seeker, which seeker can operate in the ultraviolet, near-infrared and mid-infrared ranges, which allows you to obtain maximum information about the target
  1. Combat use – MoD officially reports on interception of a helicopter by Verba MANPADS.

Russia’s Verba missile system crews have downed a Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter in the Sumy Region, which was flying towards the village of Kozinki in Russia’s borderline Belgorod Region, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

“On March 17, units tasked with coverning Russia’s state border downed an Mi-8 helicopter of the Ukrainian Air Force near the Lukashovka settlement in the Sumy Region using Verba missile systems. The helicopter was flying towards the village of Kozinki in the Belgorod Region,” the statement reads.

  • Technical details

Unique MANPADS with high protection against modern types of interference and the implementation of the “shoot-and-forget” principle.

Verba man-portable air defense system is designed to defeat visible fixed- and rotary-winged aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, and cruise missiles on head-on and pursuit courses under intensive optical interference.

Verba MANPADS is the latest Russian MANPADS with enhanced capabilities when firing at targets with low levels of thermal radiation and a reduced consumption of missiles when destroying various targets.

  • International acclaim:

Russian-made Igla-S and Verba man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS) are attracting a great deal of attention worldwide, Rosoboronexport’s head Alexander Mikheyev told TASS on the sidelines of the Army-2023 forum.

“Russian air defense systems are now holding the top slots in all segments of the global market,” he said. “Long-range S-400 Triumf and Antey-4000 are effective against large targets; S-350E Vityaz, Viking and Buk protect military and civilian objects in the medium range, while systems like Pantsir and Tor – in the short range. Moreover, Verba and Igla-S MANPADS are also attracting a great deal of attention worldwide,” he said.

  • Rostec State Corporation on Verba:

The most advanced MANPADS developed by the Mechanical Engineering Design Bureau at the moment is the Verba system, which was put into service in 2014 and belongs to the 4th generation. It is designed to destroy airplanes, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles on oncoming and catch-up courses under the influence of false thermal interference with visual visibility of the target and in night conditions. Verba can be used in any geographical area, including mountain and sea conditions, in the temperature range from -50 to +50 °C.

What makes the Verba system superior to all existing MANPADS in the world, according to experts?

The main advantages of the 9M336 missile are a more sensitive homing head and higher noise immunity. The unique infrared three-spectral seeker can operate in the ultraviolet, near-infrared and mid-infrared ranges, which allows you to obtain maximum information about the target. The increased sensitivity of the missile increases the range of capture of airborne objects. In this case, the head automatically identifies false thermal targets and selects a real object based on a number of characteristics.

Another advantage of the Verba is its high probability of hitting cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles, including low-emitting ones in the thermal range. Such objects, the use of which is becoming increasingly intensive, are difficult to detect and even more difficult to shoot down. The Verba’s destruction range is up to 6000 m, altitude is from 10 to 3500 m, and the speed of targets hit is up to 400 m/s. Preparation time for shooting – up to 12 s. The system’s combat assets can work in conjunction with automated target designation systems, which make it possible to provide the anti-aircraft gunner with target data from higher-level control equipment and autonomous detection equipment.

The Verba MANPADS is a full-fledged system, which, in addition to the missile in the launch tube, also includes a launch mechanism, a ground-based radar system for interrogating friend or foe, maintenance equipment and training equipment. In addition, Verba MANPADS systems can be supplemented with small-sized radar stations, planning, reconnaissance and control modules, as well as target designation equipment.

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