UTC Aerospace Systems Features Newest Products and Systems at Paris Air Show 2015

UTC Aerospace Systems will show a range of aerospace capabilities at its exhibit during the International Paris Air Show, which takes place in Le Bourget, France, on June 15-21. UTC Aerospace Systems is a unit of United Technologies Corp.

The UTC Aerospace Systems exhibit, located at Static C2 UTC, will feature products such as the newly announced in-flight health monitoring and automated flight tracking capability, part of the Aircraft Data Management (ADM) suite offered by the company. This new system is unique in its ability to integrate with a variety of communications providers selected by the customer, regardless of the communications channel, SATCOM or standard ACARS. The system is based on the UTC Aerospace Systems ADM Aircraft Interface Device (AID), a proven solution that is certified on multiple aircraft platforms.

UTC Aerospace Systems will also display its commercial and military aircraft wheel and brake capabilities, which utilize advanced materials and provide enhanced performance to increase the value provided to operators. On display will be the company’s Airbus A350-900 wheel and brake system, which is the first certified for this aircraft and features the HTx® oxidation protection system, providing improved thermal oxidation protection and resistance to damaging runway deicer materials. Also on display is the Lockheed Martin C-130 lock ring wheel and brake system, which is available as a retrofit option to C-130 operators worldwide. The C-130 wheel and brake system provides significant benefits to the operator, including an 8-fold increase in brake life, and significantly reduced cooling time due to a carbon heat sink versus the legacy steel heat sink.

Additionally, the UTC Aerospace Systems exhibit will showcase the ACES 5™ ejection seat, featuring unmatched head and neck protection for the entire range of male and female pilot classes. The modular design of the ACES 5 also reduces the time required for seat related maintenance as it eliminates the need to remove the canopy or hatch thereby increasing aircraft availability.

Products also featured in the UTC Aerospace Systems exhibit include the company’s ram air turbine and variable frequency power generation capabilities, cockpit controls, flight control actuation, lighting systems, drive shafts and couplings, SmartProbe® air data systems and rescue hoists.

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