HAVELSAN has announced that its unmanned ground vehicle, BARKAN, has completed a mission covering more than 1000 kilometers in challenging terrain conditions. This achievement showcases BARKAN’s capabilities in navigating difficult environments and marks a significant milestone in unmanned ground system operations.

BARKAN is a medium-class, level 1 unmanned ground vehicle added to the Turkish Armed Forces’ inventory. It is the first implementation of HAVELSAN’s “digital troops” concept. After extensive field tests, BARKAN was officially included in the military’s equipment list at the end of 2023. It has demonstrated exceptional performance in areas covered with snow and mud, proving its ability to operate in diverse and difficult geographic conditions.

The vehicle is designed to address security forces’ asymmetric threats and handle severe terrain and weather challenges. It enhances the effectiveness of combat operations, especially in high-risk military missions. BARKAN is engineered for scenarios that require agility, offering advanced security solutions.

With the ability to reach speeds of over 13 kilometers per hour and sustain operations for more than 5 hours, BARKAN’s performance is further enhanced by its adaptability to five different configurations. These include combat support with RCWS, a 40 mm grenade launcher system, a robotic arm, cargo, and CASEVAC configurations, showcasing its versatility and multi-role capabilities.

During its trials in Türkiye’s Eastern and Middle Anatolia Region, BARKAN underwent tests in diverse conditions, including sand, dust, mud, snow, ice, and soft soil, demonstrating its all-season operational capability. With a powerful pulling force, BARKAN has shown it can tow vehicles of similar or greater weight, emphasizing its strength and endurance.

Demonstrating remarkable pulling force and operational endurance, BARKAN’s state-of-the-art technology and robust design enable it to excel in open-field operations, adapting seamlessly to the unique demands of each terrain.

This achievement highlights BARKAN’s advanced technological capabilities and its potential to redefine the parameters of unmanned ground vehicle operations in challenging environments.

HAVELSAN is advancing defense and autonomous technologies, focusing on developing innovative solutions to enhance military and security operations worldwide.

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