UMTAS Hits the Target

Turkey’s long-range anti-tank missile UMTAS which is designed from Roketsan, has successfully completed its first guided firing test from a Bell AH-1S Cobra helicopter in February 2014. The missile was tested with the fire and forget mode. It is expected that the missile will be under serial production 2015.

The missile, which was developed by Roketsan and has a maximum range of 8 km, hit its target in the test at a range of 3,500 m. The UMTAS is intended primarily for use against armoured targets. It will be used to arm Turkey’s national T129 attack helicopters.

UMTAS, with its maximum range of 8 km and minimum range of 500 m is capable of operating all weather conditions and day/night. It can be used in “Fire and Forget” and “Fire and Update” modes, with the flexibility provided by its target update capability, offers to fire behind the mask position, fire against targets hiding behind mask and adjust hit point and damage assesment capability.

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