U.S. Approves Sale of Advanced Missile Upgrade to UAE

The U.S. Department of State has approved a potential sale of $144 million to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for an upgrade to their existing High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missiles (HARMs).

This upgrade, known as the HARM Control Section Modification (HCSM), will significantly enhance the UAE’s ability to defend its airspace against evolving threats.

Improved Capabilities for Enhanced Security

The HCSM upgrade equips the HARM with advanced navigation features, including GPS and a digital inertial measurement unit (IMU). This allows the missile to maintain targeting accuracy even when encountering enemy countermeasures or when the target radar shuts down. This precision targeting reduces the risk of collateral damage and ensures the safety of civilians and friendly forces.

Strengthening a Strategic Partnership

The sale of the HCSM kits reinforces the strong partnership between the United States and the UAE. This collaboration promotes regional stability and strengthens the UAE’s ability to deter aggression and protect critical infrastructure.

Key Details of the Sale

  • Estimated Cost: $144 million
  • Recipient: Government of the United Arab Emirates
  • Equipment: Up to 149 HCSM upgrade kits for existing HARM missiles
  • Contractor: RTX Corporation, Tucson, AZ

About the HARM Missile

The AGM-88 HARM is a tactical air-to-surface missile designed to home in on enemy radar systems. It is a key weapon for suppressing and destroying enemy air defenses, enabling safe operation for friendly aircraft.

Benefits for the UAE

  • Enhanced air defense capabilities against evolving threats
  • Improved targeting accuracy, minimizing collateral damage
  • Strengthened regional security and deterrence

This sale demonstrates the U.S. commitment to supporting the UAE’s defense needs and fostering a strong partnership for a more secure Middle East.

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