Tyco Water-Based Fire Protection Solutions on Display at Interschutz 2015

Tyco Fire Protection Products is featuring its broad range of water-based fire suppression systems at Interschutz 2015. Showcased at the Tyco stand will be the company’s AquaMist range of water mist solutions, the innovative TN-25 system for road tunnel applications, the DV-5 Red-E Cabinet and the DDS Duct Deluge System. In addition to these products, Tyco will also present its RAVEN Studio sprinklers, window sprinklers and ESFR-17 Dry Type sprinklers, as well as its portfolio of valve products for fire protection technology.

Based on proven and effective technologies, AquaMist offers a versatile and highly efficient fire fighting solution to safeguard lives and property while reducing water usage. The full range comprises three technologies; AquaMist Ultra Low Flow (ULF), AquaMist Fog and AquaMist Sonic. All products feature the latest innovations in nozzle design and offer optimal fire protection in a variety of applications. Able to reduce the water droplet size, AquaMist achieves a larger surface area to quickly convert the droplets to vapour and smothers the fire to prevent oxygen from fuelling it.

Designed to occupy minimal floor space, the DV-5 Red-E Cabinet is a pre-assembled fire protection valve package enclosed within a free-standing cabinet that shelters the fire protection valve riser. The system is pre-wired with grooved connections on the water inlet and outlet to the valve riser. Customers can therefore benefit from an aesthetically pleasing enclosure that is extremely efficient and easy to function. 


Able to provide optimal fire protection in road tunnel applications, the TN-25 system is a complete solution that can be customised to handle a variety of different tunnel environments. The TN-25 horizontal spray nozzle is the latest innovation from Tyco in water-based fire protection, delivering a K-factor of 25.2 (360), making it a specialised open nozzle for use in tunnel fire protection systems. Designed in accordance with recognised standards, such as FM, TN-25 requires minimal fittings and couplings to help reduce installation and maintenance time.


Tyco will also be presenting its highly reputed range of valve technology systems for water-based fire protection solutions. Its on-stand portfolio includes the Model DV-5 Deluge Valve, a quick opening, hydraulically operated differential valve ideally suited for installation in horizontal or vertical configurations. Able to quickly identify smoke or heat across a range of applications, Tyco will additionally display its range of pre-action systems, enabling end-users to avoid extensive water damage costs in the event of a blaze.


The Tyco RAVEN Studio Sprinkler delivers an industry-first option to paint escutcheons in the field, offering aesthetic appeal for a range of building applications, such as hotels, leisure and retail spaces, and commercial offices. Featuring a 5.6K pendent and horizontal sidewall, the RAVEN studio range also offers a custom colour range to match the architectural and design style of an internal space.

Tyco’s window sprinklers will also be exhibited at Interschutz and are specifically listed to provide complete wetting and protection of windows. Using closed sprinklers and intelligent spray patterns, the sprinklers are designed to prevent the glass from cracking and ensure safety for building occupants and the general public. Designed to provide complete fire protection for heat-strengthened, tempered and ceramic glass, our window sprinklers are available in horizontal and pendent vertical sidewall formats. Due to the system’s thermal sensitivity and specially designed deflectors, the sprinkler offers a fast-response solution to help protect glass applications from damage.

Also included in Tyco’s range, the DDS Duct Deluge System is a specially designed set of components used to protect ventilation ductwork in extremely corrosive environments. The system resists damage from highly acidic gases to provide effective fire protection in widths ranging between 1-16 ft and at temperatures up to 150ºC (302ºF). These features reduce the potential for unnecessary plant shutdown while preventing fire from spreading through the ventilation network.

The Model ESFR-17 Dry Type Sprinkler is UL Listed and FM Approved for use in wet pipe systems protecting cold storage facilities where the system piping is installed in a heated space above the freezer area. In these applications, the Model ESFR-17 Dry Type Sprinkler can reduce the installed cost of a fire sprinkler system by providing ceiling only protection, without the cost and maintenance associated with a dry or pre-action system or the risk of sprinkler-head damage associated with in-rack sprinklers.

“Interschutz 2015 will provide the ideal opportunity to showcase our advanced range of water-based fire protection solutions,” comments Wouter Bossink, Global Marketing Lead for Fire System Components, Tyco Fire Protection Products. “We understand the challenges that many system designers, engineers, installers and end-users face when specifying and installing a fire protection system. Together with our extensive knowledge and expertise, we can help individuals overcome their project challenges and find the ideal solution to match the site-specific fire risk.”

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