TRD Brings Next-Generation Anti-Drone Capability to the Arab World

In an age where drone warfare continually shapes the landscape of global security, Singapore-based TRD Systems, a world leader in Anti-Drone technology, has been pivotal in providing capabilities for military, law enforcement, and airports to safeguard their critical assets across 30 countries. TRD’s unique approach to creating superior Anti-Drone solutions is rooted in rigorous testing and an unwavering commitment to safety and excellence. Invariably, it makes significant impact in the Middle East by defending against rising drone threats disrupting Red Sea trade and other strategic infrastructure, and positions TRD as a key player in contributing to regional security and stabilization.

TRD’s latest state-of-the-art man-portable “system of systems”, which has been battle-tested offers an exceptional capability at an affordable cost. Such an initial investment by numerous countries, including the Middle East, ensures that a critical, immediate response to urgent regional needs for advanced drone countermeasures can be achieved.

At TRD, we recognize the vast requirements in the Arab world. The company’s Founder and CEO, Mr. Sam Ong, anticipates a market potential exceeding US$100 million for man-portable systems alone. TRD’s vision aligns with long-term investment and localization. This commitment has been further cemented by the establishment of a joint venture company in Saudi Arabia, “TRD Middle East Industry Co.”, embarking on its inaugural production pilot program as of January 2024. This joint venture alongside the set-up of a local company in the Kingdom embodies TRD’s dedication to technology transfer, production enhancement, and collaborative solution development, all in stride with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

A significant leap in TRD’s commitment is the adaptation of its products to meet regional specific, such as the ORION-H9 drone gun. Enhanced to thrive in harsh Middle Eastern climates, these adaptations ensure optimal performance and are exclusively tailored for the region. These innovations will be proudly showcased for the first time at the World Defense Show (WDS) in Riyadh, from February 4th to 8th, 2024.

TRD’s venture in the Middle East began as early as 2017, followed by a strong presence at the Kingdom’s inaugural WDS 2022, a testament to our unwavering dedication to understanding and developing Anti-Drone solutions in the region. The company is set on a mission to build a comprehensive range of Anti-Drone capabilities, progressively scaling up to a fully integrated “systems of systems” approach. This strategy encompasses man-portable solutions, fixed sites, and mobile platforms, all networked together and working in unison.

Based in Singapore, TRD has cultivated a unique blend of Eastern innovation and Western technological standards, with its products embodying this fusion, offering reliability, flexibility, and exceptional customer support and future upgrades.

Join TRD at WDS 2024, where the company is poised to unveil its advanced Anti-Drone capabilities, demonstrating its commitment to safeguarding the Arab world with unparalleled security solutions. TRD’s presence at WDS is not just a showcase of technology but a promise of enduring partnership and to maintaining safety and security through technological superiority for a safer future.

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