Transmission Test Stand Capabilities Introduced at AgustaWestland Philadelphia

Finmeccanica – AgustaWestland announced that transmission testing capabilities have been expanded at the Company’s Philadelphia facility, bringing full Maintenance Repair & Overhail (MRO) services for intermediate and tail rotor gearboxes closer to customers operating in the Americas.

The multi-model intermediate and tail rotor gearbox test systems the result of design and installation collaboration with Red Viking. The flexible and modular design allows for multiple test articles to be run on a single test stand, lowering life cycle costs and providing greater flexibility and efficiency, with a reduction in overhaul time for AgustaWestland customers.

The test stand will be able to accommodate intermediate and tail rotor gear boxes currently installed in AgustaWestland aircraft flying throughout the Americas, including the AW109 and AW119 series, as well as AW139s, AW189s, and, in the future, AW169s.

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