The Worlds most advanced Police Helicopters

GMC PaxScout YUKON, PaxScout RiB, are the worlds most advanced Police vehicles on Land and Sea – PaxScout will now be available in 2015 for the AIR. After successful integration on a couple of special airframes in 2014, nav-comm will launch a commercial off the shelf system designed for Police Helicopters – for single and twin engined helicopters. The worlds first and only aircraft able to deactivate a boat, vehicle truck engine from the air – protecting Police officers around the world from the hazards of vehicle pursuits and pirates at sea.

nav-comm technical unit is pleased to announce it will acquire a single engine helicopter for R&D in 2015 for the purpose of Police role equipment including detection of explosives from the air, and vehicle area denial. TerraCam CC, for detection of objects not part of the environment, for SAR. (A decision on a helicopter has not been made yet, or a manufacturer to work with, this is customer based) current options :- AW119, Skye SH09 P1, AS350, Bell 505.

The Helicopter will be fitted with PaxScout EMP area denial system to stop other vehicles escaping from Police within seconds. (none lethal electromagnetic system to temporarily deactivate another vehicles engine – No more Police chases – keeping Officers safe) TerraCam 300-400 metre stand-off detection systems including Narcotics, Explosives, Chemical and Biological.

The TerraCam system will detect any compound of contamination against a known library, this is done automatically – example narcotics, the operator is alarmed – live and in real time. The operator can then switch the EMP unit on to remotely switch off and deactivate the target vehicle up to 50- 150 meters away from the Police helicopter, from a single button press. The onboard EMP computer will automatically range verify and disable the targeted vehicle none lethally. The driver of the target vehicle is unharmed. EMP is silent and invisible with no signs of it operating other than the vehicle will cut out, like it has run out of fuel. Electronics on the targeted vehicle, like mobile phones will not have a signal.

TerraCam CC will also be fitted for Search and Rescue for scanning the ground terrain for differences automatically, detecting items on or in or sub surface of water. unto a range of 1000m.

nav-comm is the world leader in this type of technology & equipment is manufactured by nav-comm in UK

ITAR FREE – Available to all customers of the PaxScout YUKON and RiB

In 2014 a number of systems were fitted to twin engine helicopters (ec 135 & ec 145) for special applications, the new system will be more commercial. A helicopter for this role will be recommended by nav-comm.

We will gain approval for one type of single engine helicopter (nav-comm R&D helicopter) and one type of twin engined aircraft.

PaxScout… simply works!

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