The SHERPA APC Police showcased by the Brigade for Research and Intervention (BRI) at Milipol Paris 2023

The intensity of the threats faced by the police forces and internal security is constantly increasing. These risks are becoming more numerous and diverse, including kinetic projectiles, drones, improvised explosives, incendiary projectiles, and even heavy weapons used by well- equipped and aggressive organisations in various regions of the world.

Arquus offers versatile and modular vehicles in its Defense and Security ranges capable of responding to or adapting to any mission. Among the emblematic vehicles in this range, the SHERPA APC in its Police configuration will be showcased at the Milipol exhibition from November 14 to 17, 2023. Considered as a reference in the armoured 4×4 segment for many years, the SHERPA family has been tested in various terrains and within numerous international armies, including in France, as part of NATO missions, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America.

It is evident that the SHERPA has already proven its worth in diverse contexts, especially where law enforcement and security are national priorities. In the configuration presented at Milipol 2023, the SHERPA APC Police boasts a capacity for up to 10 soldiers, enhanced protection, and very high mobility performance. This SHERPA APC has been deployed, notably within the police units of the Brigade for Reasearch and Intervention (BRI), during the recent riots in France.

In a different configuration, the SHERPA assault ladder can be equipped with a ladder reaching up to 8.5 meters using its autonomous ramp. For example, this vehicle was used by the GIGN (National Gendarmerie Intervention Group) during the January 2015 attacks.

During the latest phase of the pursuit initiated after the attack on the Charlie Hebdo headquarters a few days earlier, this vehicle helped dislodge the Kouachi brothers from the printing press in Dammartin-en Goël after several hours of confrontation.

Moreover, the SHERPA is capable, thanks to its ladder, of boarding an Airbus A380 in the event of a hostage situation. This ladder is equipped with an advanced protection system, allowing intervention personnel to be as secure as possible.

In the context of future sports events which are coming in France and considering the Vigipirate context as well as the increased risk of attacks, the demand for armoured troop transport vehicles (APC) is increasingly significant. The Arquus range offers numerous configurations for such vehicles with protection levels adapted to all interventions.

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