The Egyptian Army and the Economic Crisis: Balancing Military Strength amid Financial Challenges

Nisrine Chatila

The Egyptian army holds a prominent position in the Middle East, boasting significant financial, political, and military support. With a colossal military force, it ranks second in the region after Turkey and 14th among the world’s 138 most powerful armies. This article explores the Egyptian army’s capabilities, its economic implications, and the challenges it faces, particularly in light of the ongoing economic crisis.

The Military Might of the Egyptian Army:

With a budget of around $11.3 billion, constituting approximately 4.2% of the total public expenditure, the Egyptian army commands a formidable force. Annual financial support from the United States, in the form of military aid, has been ongoing since the signing of the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty in 1979.

The Egyptian army possesses advanced military capabilities, including 1.2 million personnel, 1069 varied military aircraft, and 4664 tanks. Additionally, it maintains a substantial naval fleet, comprising frigates, patrol boats, minehunters, and submarines. These capabilities enable the army to address external threats and contribute to internal security while supporting economic development efforts.

The Israeli Conflict and its Impact on the Egyptian Army:

Recent conflicts, such as the Israeli military operations in Gaza, have heightened concerns among Egyptians about the potential expansion of warfare into Egyptian territory. The possibility of Israel altering the Middle East map, as suggested by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has been perceived by some as a direct threat to Egypt, intensifying the scrutiny of the country’s military readiness.

Economic Challenges and their Influence on Military Strength:

Economic experts argue that Egypt’s economic challenges directly affect its military strength. Internal challenges and a rising external debt may diminish the Egyptian army’s capabilities. Unofficial reports suggest that Israeli leaders have offered assistance to the Egyptian government in settling its external debts in exchange for the resettlement of Palestinians in Sinai.

Economic experts argue that Egypt’s economic challenges directly affect its military strength.


The Egyptian army stands as a significant force in the Middle East, with robust military capabilities and international support. However, the economic challenges faced by Egypt pose potential threats to its military strength. As the country navigates through regional conflicts and economic uncertainties, finding a balance between maintaining military prowess and addressing economic issues becomes crucial for the stability and security of the nation. The interplay between the Egyptian army and the economic crisis underscores the intricate relationship between military strength and financial stability, shaping the trajectory of Egypt’s future.

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