TECOM Investments Turns to Aruba Networks to Deliver Wireless Network Solution for Improved Connectivity, Mobility and Security

Aruba Networks, Inc, a leading provider of next-generation network access solutions for the mobile enterprise, today announced that TECOM Investments, a real estate master developer and operator of Dubai’s leading business parks and member of Dubai Holding, has implemented state-of-the-art wireless network infrastructure, using Aruba Wireless Access Points (APs) and Mobility Controllers.

Prior to the Aruba implementation, the TECOM Investments’ IT department used four decentralized wireless networks to provide Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) service to TECOM employees across the company’s office locations. With over 1,000 employees and the growing popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), the TECOM Investments’ IT department began to see an exponential growth in number of PCs, tablets and smart phones connecting to its network.

These devices started to put a strain on the existing wireless infrastructure, resulting in slower connectivity, and additional man-hours to maintain the network.

Mr Mohamed Sabah, CIO at TECOM Investments, saw an overhaul of the wireless infrastructure as necessary and after four months of extensive Proof of Concept (POC) testing of the top WLAN technology vendors, a decision was made to go with Aruba Networks. One of the key reasons for selecting Aruba was for enhanced enterprise mobility. “Aruba’s Secure Enterprise Mesh solution provides a flexible, wire-free design, allowing access points to be placed wherever they are needed whether it be indoors or outdoors,” said Mr. Sabah. In addition to being easily adaptable to the network requirements of the organization, the improved security of the Aruba solution was another factor that set the vendor apart from its competition. According to Mr. Sabah, “Aruba’s system performs authentication, access control and encryption for users and devices, delivering state-of-the-art wireless security.”

Working with EMITAC, Aruba’s Silver level Value-Added Reseller (VAR) in the UAE, TECOM executed the implementation in two phases. Phase 1 involved the deployment of 2 Aruba 3600 Mobility Controllers and 64 Aruba AP-93 dual-band, single-radio wireless access points at Dubai Studio City. Phase 2 involved the deployment of another 2 Aruba 3600 Mobility Controllers, 60 Aruba AP-93 dual-band, single-radio access points and 6 Aruba AP-105 dual-band, dual-radio access points at TECOM’s DIC4 DC location. The entire implementation, which included structured cabling work, took two months; a credit to the network services team that managed the entire implementation.

To ensure that the TECOM IT team fully grasped Aruba’s technology, Mr. Sabah took advantage of the training services available and had the entire network team attend one course on Mobility Controllers (MBC) and two courses on Aruba ClearPass.

Since the implementation, the Aruba solution has outperformed expectations; highlighted by the fact that the system scored 34 out of a possible 36 points on TECOMs network test protocol. The Aruba solution has helped the TECOM IT department overcome all the challenges posed by the earlier network infrastructure. For one, the higher bandwidth has had a positive impact on user connectivity and productivity. Secondly, having a centralized network infrastructure has significantly reduced maintenance costs while increasing control. The TECOM IT department now has the capability to control wireless user access and monitor and report per application usage of their wireless corporate users. Finally, Aruba network’s Wireless Intrusion Detection capability has greatly improved security.


Mr. Sabah couldn’t be happier with how smoothly the implementation has gone and with how well the new solution has met TECOMs wireless network needs. “TECOM Investments selected Aruba Networks to provide the latest, next generation wireless technology to employees and we have been extremely pleased with their services. Aruba’s wireless technology is high performance and cost-effective, and has provided a seamless and efficient wireless experience to all of our corporate users,” concluded Mr. Sabah.

While the implementation is still only a few months old, Mr. Sabah is already planning the next project with Aruba, which will include an upgrade to Aruba’s 7200 series of Mobility Controllers – a testament to the quality of Aruba’s products and services.

Zeeshan Hadi, Territory Manager, Dubai & Northern Emirates at Aruba Networks said, “TECOM Investments is the perfect example of a forward thinking organization that is adapting to its increasingly #GenMobile workforce and bringing its wireless network capabilities up to world class standards. The initiative is in line with the UAE government’s ‘smart city’ vision. Wireless technologies will be a key enabler of the ICT transformation within the country. We are happy to have been selected as the vendor of choice and will continue to assist TECOM with future wireless infrastructure modernization projects.”

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