Technical Update EMP 2015

All deliveries of EMP systems from May 2015 onwards will be compatible with EMP Aircraft systems, Marine FAST RiB systems and EMP Robo for disabling UAV’s. This will be the third generation system.

2015 EMP models will be over 50% more powerful than previous years models, for longer range applications. New range verifying for safety, to reduce system power at short range. new – day/night Video targeting integration. Customers with 2013/14 models, requiring a power upgrade – parts will be replaced free of charge by nav-comm trained engineer (June onwards) (some applications will require range verifying hardware with a small cost(software is free) – please contact Sarah Tabbane if she has not already contacted you. Customers with Pre-2012 EMP models outside the 5yr guarantee, there is a small charge for the upgrade, Please contact me and i will send you the difference in models and evaluate the suitability and performance of the upgrade.

90% of all EMP systems are now a full modular system, with fully interchangeable parts – for Aircraft, Marine, and vehicles. With the remainder 10% of the build parts specialist to the application ie brackets, arrays etc.

This should reduce the inventory for our customers. This also means the systems can change application easier from from land to vehicles to boats etc. This allows large Police forces to purchase equipment with the knowledge the application can come second.

US systems and systems from around the world will now also use the same modules, allowing for the different voltages from 90v AC – 240v AC and including inverters and rectifiers from 20-28v DC all handled.

– coming soon, a range of new EMP arrays for different applications, from very small arrays (80 x 40 – up to 400 x 300) for the front of patrol cars, up to large Police marina/ harbour protection and counter UAV. This has effect on the range of EMP, the larger the array the longer the distance etc. from 50metres to over 200metres

New LIDAR, for scanning area’s and perimeters will be available in 2015 to track land and air targets, this is an option for paxscout pick up and ute vehicles with EMP fitted to counter UAV’s at airports where the current PaxScout radar 10GHz system might cover the runway. nav-comm LIDAR uses invisible laser technology, which will not interfere with aircraft or airport systems.

(TerraCam systems are already compatible, and fully modular as above.)

EMP by nav-comm PaxScout is the worlds leading system for safety, range and reliability offering Police forces around the world the most advanced Police Patrol vehicles in Marine, Land and Helicopters in the air, there is now no way of getting away from a Police Officer when he or she says STOP with nav-comm EMP!
nav-comm PaxScout vehicles are the only vehicles in the world to be able to detect, and disable at ranges of 50 metres.
nav-comm PaxScout is the only company in the world fitting detection and EMP to helicopters.

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