Tatra Unveils All-New 3rd Generation Tatra Force at Eurosatory 2024

Tatra Trucks introduced the world to the completely redesigned 3rd generation of the Tatra Force military vehicle at Eurosatory 2024.

Enhanced Crew Comfort and Safety

The most striking feature is the new cabin, available in two-door and four-door configurations. It boasts a redesigned skeleton for improved safety, a modern interior with better visibility, and a digital dashboard. The multifunctional steering wheel and optional air-suspended seats further enhance crew ergonomics and comfort.

Engine Options and Flexibility

The 3rd generation Tatra Force retains the proven Tatra chassis with its central backbone tube and independent suspension. This, combined with improved approach angles, promises superior on and off-road performance. The new platform offers a choice of engine placement: under the front cabin or behind the front axle. This flexibility allows for a lower cabin profile when needed.

A variety of engine options are available, including Tatra air-cooled engines and foreign liquid-cooled engines like Cummins and Caterpillar. Notably, the Caterpillar C9.3B engine offers a unique “combat mode” that boosts power and torque for demanding situations. Transmission choices include improved Tatra gearboxes, automatic transmissions from ZF and Allison, with a future focus on exploring alternative e-Drive options.

Armored Cabin Compatibility

Like previous generations, the 3rd generation Tatra Force is designed for easy installation of armored cabins. The chassis and electrical systems are pre-adapted for quick swaps even in the field. The new Tatra Force offers a comprehensive range of features for modern militaries, making it a truly versatile and adaptable platform.pen_sparktunesharemore_vert

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