Sullivan Says US-Saudi Defense Pact Not Possible Without Israel Deal

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan insisted the Biden administration will enter into a defense pact with Saudi Arabia only if the kingdom normalizes relations with Israel, the Financial Times reported.

Sullivan said in an interview with the newspaper the two issues were part of an “integrated vision” for peace in the Middle East and could not be disentangled.

He said that President Joe Biden will publicly outline a path to a more secure Israel and a more peaceful region in the months ahead, the FT said.

The US and Saudi Arabia are nearing a historic pact that would offer the kingdom security guarantees and lay out a possible pathway to diplomatic ties with Israel, if its government brings the war in Gaza to an end, Bloomberg reported this week, citing people familiar with the matter. However, this agreement faces many obstacles but would amount to a new version of a framework that was scuttled when Hamas militants attacked Israel on October 7, triggering the conflict in Gaza.

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