Sikorsky – PZL M28® Twin Turboprop Airplane Arrives in Rio de Janeiro

Aircraft arrives in Rio following strong interest by commercial operators in Trinidad & Tobago and mission demonstration flights to the Brazilian military

RIO DE JANEIRO, April 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT) company, will demonstrate the extraordinary short takeoff and landing capabilities of the M28 turboprop airplane to interested military, civil and commercial operators in Rio de Janeiro during the LAAD Defence & Security trade show April 4-7.

The aircraft arrives April 3 at Jacarepaguá Airport, Rio de Janeiro, having demonstrated a range of mission capabilities to operators in Trinidad and Tobago, and to the Brazilian Army and other transport operators in Manaus and Brasília. Demonstrated flight capability included take-off with up to 2,300 kgs (5,000 lbs.) of cargo in just 548 meters (1,800 ft.) of runway length, and fast reconfiguration of the 13,73 m3 (485 cu ft.) cabin from passenger to cargo, or a combination of both.

“We are very pleased by the strong interest shown by commercial transport companies and military commands as the M28 airplane demonstrates the largest payload capacity of its class,” said Adam Schierholz, Sikorsky regional executive for Latin America. “Operators are looking for a powerful, versatile and low maintenance aircraft that is expressly designed to fly cargo and passengers into unprepared landing strips, and to para-drop relief supplies or troops, whether in mountain regions, jungle clearings or small island strips at sea level.”

Transport operators in Trinidad & Tobago showed particular interest in the M28 aircraft’s ability to carry 19 passengers or a mix of passengers and cargo on the same flight, and to load and offload cargo via the clamshell doors at the rear of the stand-up cabin. An optional air conditioning system also proved attractive.

The Brazilian Army witnessed how the dual-piloted aircraft can be loaded with mission equipment or up to 17 equipped troops, can perform medical evacuations, and can precisely drop paratroops and cargo from the rear of the plane. Mission equipment inserted into the cabin using a manually operated cargo hoist with 700 kgs (1,540 lbs.) loading capacity was shown to give the flight crew independent cargo-handling flexibility in remote locations.

Two PT6A-65B engines delivering 2,200 HP total power output give the 7,500 kgs (16,500 lbs.) Polish designed-and-built M28 airplane strong flight performance in tropical or cold temperatures at maximum payload.

To view the M28 aircraft during LAAD, please register your interest at Lockheed Martin booth F20, or visit to learn more about the aircraft.

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