Saudi Arabia to Showcase Defense Prowess at Eurosatory 2024

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is set to make a grand appearance at Eurosatory 2024, the International Defense and Security Exhibition, taking place from June 17 to 21, 2024, in Paris, France. Spearheaded by the General Authority for Military Industries (GAMI), the Kingdom’s participation will bring together a consortium of government and private entities under the Saudi pavilion.

Prominent Participants

The Saudi pavilion will feature a distinguished lineup of organizations, including:

  • Ministry of Investment: Represented by Invest Saudi, the Kingdom’s investment promotion agency.
  • General Authority for Defense Development (GADD): Overseeing the development of Saudi Arabia’s defense industry.
  • SAMI: The leading Saudi military industries company.
  • Saudia Technic: A provider of comprehensive aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services.
  • Life Shield for Military Industries: A manufacturer of armored vehicles and protective solutions.
  • Scopa Saudi Arabia for Military Industries: A specialist in manufacturing and supplying ammunition and explosives.
  • Arab International Company (AIC): A provider of integrated defense solutions.
  • Saudi Arabian Leather Industries Company (SLIC): A manufacturer of military footwear and leather products.
  • AL-ESNAD Military Industries Support Group: Offering comprehensive logistics and support services to the defense sector.
  • KRMC Service Company for Manufacturing: A provider of manufacturing and maintenance services for defense equipment.
  • World Defense Show (WDS): The Kingdom’s premier defense exhibition and conference.

Key Objectives

Saudi Arabia’s participation in Eurosatory 2024 is driven by several strategic objectives:

  • Enhance Global Presence: Reinforce the Kingdom’s position as a leading player in the global defense industry.
  • Highlight Investment Potential: Showcase the Kingdom’s attractive investment environment for the defense sector.
  • Promote Research and Innovation: Foster collaboration and partnerships in defense research and development.
  • Demonstrate Sectoral Expertise: Exhibit the Kingdom’s capabilities and expertise in manufacturing and supplying defense products.
  • Highlight Localization Efforts: Showcase progress towards the Kingdom’s goal of localizing 50% of defense spending by 2030.

Economic Significance

The Kingdom’s defense industry is recognized as a vital contributor to the national economy, with aspirations to become a major driver of economic growth. Eurosatory 2024 provides an ideal platform to:

  • Promote Technology Transfer and Localization: Attract foreign expertise and technology to support localization initiatives.
  • Create Employment Opportunities: Generate job opportunities for Saudi citizens within the defense sector.
  • Strengthen Supply Chains: Foster partnerships that enhance the resilience and sustainability of defense supply chains.

Reinforcing Strategic Goals

Saudi Arabia’s participation in Eurosatory 2024 aligns with the Kingdom’s broader strategic goals, including:

  • Vision 2030: Achieving the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030, which prioritizes the development of a robust and self-reliant defense industry.
  • National Security: Strengthening national security by enhancing domestic defense capabilities.
  • Economic Diversification: Diversifying the economy and reducing reliance on oil revenue.


Saudi Arabia’s presence at Eurosatory 2024 serves as a testament to the Kingdom’s unwavering commitment to advancing its defense industry, fostering economic diversification, and positioning itself as a global leader in defense technology and innovation. The participation underscores the Kingdom’s dedication to collaborating with international partners to achieve its strategic objectives and contribute to a more secure and stable regional and global environment.pen_spark

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