Sagem Wins Another Contract from MBDA for SIGMA 30 on export VL MICA Air Defense Systems

Sagem (Safran) has signed a contract with European missile manufacturer MBDA to integrate SIGMA 30 navigation and pointing systems on several VL MICA surface-to-air weapon systems for international markets.

Sagem designed the SIGMA 30 pointing system to give air defense systems independent deployment and firing capability in the absence of GPS. The outstanding performance of the SIGMA 30 allows a distributed missile launcher deployment, which increases the mobility and protection of mobile air defense systems. It also supports the system’s nominal operation despite enemy jamming and decoy measures.

The SIGMA 30 system is based on digital large ring laser gyro technology, and benefits from Sagem’s proven industrial expertise in advanced inertial sensors and navigation systems. SIGMA 30 systems are built at Sagem’s plant in Montluçon, France.

With this latest contract, Sagem consolidates its offering of navigation and pointing systems for surface-to-air weapons. The Sigma family is the international benchmark in this field for VL MICA (SIGMA 30) and MPCV (SIGMA 20) missile batteries, as well as for the associated high-precision radars.

The European leader in navigation systems, Sagem has developed its expertise in all inertial technologies (mechanical, laser, fiber-optic, vibrating), based on more than 60 years of experience making civil and military navigation systems for customers operating in all environments.

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