Safran and Wojskowe Zakłady Elektroniczne join forces to support Polish Defense

During the Eurosatory exhibition, Safran Electronics & Defense and the Polish company Wojskowe Zakłady Elektroniczne (WZE S.A.) signed for the first time a contract for the supply of Safran’s Geonyx inertial navigation and pointing systems to the Polish Armed Forces. The total cumulative quantity is in the range of 200 pieces of equipment. The Geonyx were selected for both the PILICA+ and NAREW air-defense programs for Poland. They will provide precise and reliable positions to anti-aircraft platforms, even if satellite navigation signals are unavailable or inaccessible, and heading references to the various radars.

The signing of this contract will also include the transfer of production of these inertial units to WZE S.A.: Safran will produce the main elements; WZE S.A. will carry out their assembly and the necessary checks before delivering the Geonyx to Poland. The main goal is to reduce delivery times and, ultimately, ensure the local maintenance of the Geonyx of the Polish army in order to optimize the availability rate of their systems. In a similar context, the company Young Poong Electronics (YPE), which adapted Geonyx technology to the Korean K2 assault tanks of the Polish Army, will also transfer the production of its inertial units to WZE S.A.

“We are proud to participate in the Defense of a European country such as Poland alongside WZE S.A. in these two strategic segments: anti-aircraft defense and armored vehicles,” Alexandre Ziegler, Executive VP, Defense Gobal Business Unit of Safran Electronics & Defense, said. “Thanks to our partners, we will be able to provide this inertial navigation technology resilient to jamming and spoofing of satellite navigation signals to Polish Armed Forces. Resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) services are at the heart of the battlefield changes we are witnessing.”

“I am honoured to be able to participate in the conclusion of this agreement with Safran Electronics & Defense on behalf of Wojskowe Zakłady Elektroniczne S.A. The establishment of extensive cooperation between WZE S.A. and Safran is not only the delivery of modern INS systems for the needs of the Polish Armed Forces, but also the planned transfer of knowledge and technology,” said Damian Gorzelany, acting President of WZE S.A. He added: “I am proud to be able to enter into cooperation with YPE, which has developed the OUROS navigation system, which WZE S.A. wants to offer for products from Polish-Korean cooperation. The Koreans impressed us with their commitment and openness and they demonstrated the excellent quality of work and products.” 

Geonyx’s hemispherical resonator gyroscope navigation technology, HRG Crystal, offers the best reliability on the market, with an average time between failures of more than a million hours, as well as robustness in the most demanding environments. The HRG Crystal is also independent of any external signal and very compact. This allows the Geonyx to maintain positioning and pointing accuracy, even when satellite navigation signals are jammed or spoofed, while providing the best balance of size, mass and power.

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