Saab at IMDEX Asia 2015

Defence and security company Saab will have a strong presence at IMDEX Asia 2015, the International Maritime Defence Exhibition and conference in Singapore, 19-21 May. Saab will show a full range of systems and solutions for air, surface and sea.

IMDEX Asia is Asia Pacific’s premier international maritime defence show. Saab attends to meet with customers and show modern products and solutions for the global naval and maritime security business. IMDEX Asia attracts exhibitors, customers and visitors from all around the world and speaks to a global audience. For Saab, this is a major opportunity to strengthen relationships with customers and partners in the region.

“Saab has close and long term cooperation with Singapore and other countries in the region. With the acquisition of Saab Kockums the naval offer has grown and we look forward to present this offer and talk to customers about how Saab can solve their challenges in air, surface and sea,” says Anders Dahl, Head of Saab Singapore.

Saab invites media and visitors to attend:

Technology seminar “A holistic approach to Anti-Submarine Warfare” 20 May 11:30-12:00.
• Media briefing on “Saab presents airborne, surface and underwater solutions that secure operations in one of the world’s most demanding arenas for maritime security” in function room 7, 20 May 15:00-15:40. Welcome to meet with Dan Enstedt, President and CEO Saab Asia Pacific and Anders Dahl, Head of Saab Singapore.

On display at IMDEX Asia there will be Saab’s model of the new generation of submarine, A26. The model shows some of the parts of the world’s most modern submarine program. Other Saab products on show at IMDEX Asia include: A26 – scale model, GRIPEN – scale model, AUV62 MR – scale model,SUBROV – scale model, RBS 15 – scale model, UME/SME – scale model, NLWS – scale model, SEAGIRAFFE – scale model, AEW&C – demo, SAAB 340 MSA – scale model, SAAB 340 MSA – scale model, 9LV – demo, CEROS – demo, TRIMARAN – scale model, TACTICALL – demo, FLEXPATROL – scale model and SAM 3 – scale model.

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