Rostec’s invention to double service life of firearms

The new technology was tested during manufacture of sniper rifles and assault rifles. The breech mechanism design was the main thing than underwent changes: it was fixed in the box, making unwanted hits of the breech mechanism impossible during operation of a firearm. The samples were tested in various combined ways: firing in dusty air, in the rainy weather, after dragging a firearm on the sand, etc.

“The tests showed that a change in the design had increased the reliability of automatic firearms operation and doubled their service life. The capabilities of weapons based on the new technology surpassed the results of weapons which are currently in use,” said Sergey Abramov, Rostec’s Conventional Armament, Ammunition and Special Chemistry Cluster Industrial Director.

The developers emphasize that the design of proposed technical solutions is quite simple. Parts and assemblies of firearms can be improved based on a traditional tried-and-true technology with the use of versatile technical solutions. No considerable additional costs are required for modification.

TSNIITOCHMASH forms part of Rostec State Corporation as a directly managed organization. The company develops firearms, ammunition, training systems, combat suits and other weapons. TSNIITOCHMASH’s products are used by Russian and foreign defense and law enforcement agencies. TSNIITOCHMASH’s developments include the second generation of the Ratnik combat suit, underwater weapons APS and SPP-1, the Vintorez special sniper rifle and the AS Val assault rifle, the guidance system for the Kornet anti-tank guided missile, the Nona and Lotus self-propelled mortar systems, the Udav pistol complex, the Gyurza pistol, etc.

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