Roketsan Unveils Multipurpose TR-122 Parachute Rocket

Roketsan has expanded the capabilities of the TR-122 rocket, a mainstay of the Turkish Armed Forces, with the innovative TR-122 Parachute Rocket. This new variant integrates signal jamming or image collector heads, transforming the rocket from a purely destructive weapon into a versatile tool for special operations.

Enhanced Functionality with Parachute Technology

The key feature of the TR-122 Parachute Rocket is the integration of a parachute system. After reaching a predetermined altitude, the rocket’s front section separates from the engine, allowing the payload (jammer head or camera head) to descend safely under parachute. This innovative design offers several advantages:

  • Expanded Mission Capabilities: The TR-122 Parachute Rocket can now perform electronic warfare and intelligence gathering missions within a 36-kilometer radius.
  • Extended Loiter Time: The parachute allows the payload to spend more time over the target area, enhancing jamming effectiveness or image capture.
  • Improved Survivability: Unlike fixed-wing or rotary-wing aircraft, the slow-descending parachute makes the TR-122 Parachute Rocket a more challenging target for air defense systems.

Dual Payload Options for Tailored Operations

The TR-122 Parachute Rocket offers two distinct payload options:

  • Jammer Head: This payload disrupts and disorients enemy electronic equipment within a designated area for a specific duration, potentially hindering communication and GPS navigation.
  • Camera Head: This payload captures high-resolution photos and videos of the target area, providing valuable real-time intelligence to the launch point.

Lightweight Design and Seamless Integration

Weighing only 70 kilograms, the TR-122 Parachute Rocket can be launched from the same multi-barreled rocket launcher system (MLRS) used for traditional TR-122 rockets. This seamless integration ensures rapid deployment and expands the operational capabilities of existing launcher systems.


The TR-122 Parachute Rocket represents a significant advancement in rocket technology. By combining a proven platform with innovative parachute technology and specialized payloads, Roketsan has equipped the Turkish Armed Forces with a powerful tool for electronic warfare, intelligence gathering, and special operations.

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