Rheinmetall Won A Major Order from The UK

 Rheinmetall has won on the 3rd of August an important order in connection with a key programme of the British Ministry of Defence to procure a new generation of combat vehicles for Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. Lockheed Martin UK has contracted with Rheinmetall’s Defence arm to manufacture the turret structures for the British Army’s new Scout SV Reconnaissance vehicle. The order, issued in London, is worth a total of €130 million and covers production of up to 245 units. Rheinmetall also participated significantly in the preceeding technical demonstration phase.

Once again, the Düsseldorf, Germany-based Group is playing a pivotal role in a highly significant army technology programme in Europe, underscoring its comprehensive competence and ability to act in partnership with two international defence giants – General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin.

The Scout Specialist Vehicle (SV) is a medium-weight armoured reconnaissance vehicle. It will replace the British Army’s Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) – CVR(T) – family of vehicles, which have been in service since the 1970s, and is intended for use in all current and future scenarios, ranging from peace enforcement and peacekeeping missions to high-intensity combat operations.

The Scout SV programme, which General Dynamics UK is responsible for design, engineering and manufacturing in its capacity as prime contractor, with the technology leading turret solution of Lockheed Martin UK and Rheinmetall will deliver significant improvements in combat capability, survivability and operational effectiveness for the British Army’s infantry.

Rheinmetall has extensive, longstanding experience in developing and manufacturing turret systems, making it the ideal cooperation partner for Lockheed Martin UK in the Scout Specialist Vehicle programme. Rheinmetall’s expertise, paired with Lockheed Martin’s experience in reconnaissance sensor systems, fire control units and guidance technology, make the team one of the market leader in turret technology.

The Scout SV Base Turret System is a major success story in European defence cooperation. A member of the Scout SV team since 2010, in its capacity as subcontractor Rheinmetall has been in charge first of design and engineering, and now of producing, the turret structure and weapon mount (TSWM) for the Scout SV Base Turret System, a state-of-the-art 40mm medium-calibre turret solution. The first production unit is scheduled for July 2016.

The contract award for the supply of 245 Scout SV TSWM units will mainly benefit to Rheinmetall Defence Group’s Kassel plant, where fabrication as well as final assembly will take place. It is also excellent news for the Rheinmetall’s German supply chain.

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