Rheinmetall Unveils Next-Gen Tank Turret at Eurosatory 2024

At Eurosatory 2024, Rheinmetall introduced the Concept Uncrewed Turret (CUT), a demonstrator showcasing an unmanned turret design for the next generation of main battle tanks (MBTs).

Firepower and Ammunition

The CUT boasts Rheinmetall’s powerful 130mm Future Gun System with a 51 caliber barrel length. Ammunition is fed automatically from two rear-mounted magazines via a bustle-mounted autoloader, with a total capacity of 25 rounds. A co-axial .50 caliber heavy machine gun provides additional firepower.

Remote Weapon Station and Advanced Optics

The commander’s position features a Rheinmetall RMG762 machine gun integrated into a Main Sensor Slaved Armament (MSSA) remote weapon station. This unique machine gun has three rotating barrels, ensuring continuous fire even when one barrel overheats. The RMG762’s high rate of fire allows it to effectively engage small drones (UAVs). The MSSA also includes an integrated smoke grenade launcher for additional battlefield versatility.

Both the commander and gunner, situated within the chassis for improved protection, have independent day/night vision sights with integrated laser rangefinders. The gunner utilizes the advanced SEOSS 400 optics, which is also integrated into the commander’s MSSA. This independent targeting capability allows for “hunter-killer” and “killer-killer” tactics, where one crew member identifies targets while the other engages them. Additionally, small onboard reconnaissance drones can further enhance situational awareness.

Advanced Systems and Protection

The electrically powered turret integrates the fire control system, C4I equipment components, and various sensor systems, including a meteorological sensor. The SAS (Situational Awareness System) provides superior battlefield awareness for the crew. Protection against enemy threats comes from both hard-kill and soft-kill systems. Rheinmetall’s Active Protection System (APS) or Iron Fist (as showcased at Eurosatory) offer hard-kill defense, while MUSS and the ROSY rapid obscurant system provide soft-kill countermeasures. The uncrewed turret remains accessible for maintenance through a top-mounted hatch.

Rheinmetall’s Leadership in Future Tank Technology

With the CUT concept demonstrator, Rheinmetall solidifies its position at the forefront of developing innovative and future-proof solutions for the networked battlefields of tomorrow.

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