Port Facilities Restructuring in Libya

 The restructuring of port facilities in Libya will only take place when a unity government is in place says British maritime security company MAST.

Gerry Northwood OBE, COO of leading maritime security firm MAST, said: " UN sponsored Unity Government negotiations appear to have stalled for now, with the Tripoli Government with drawing from the talks. However, the UN process will continue and it is likely that a series of ad hoc discussions will take place between the various government and tribal factions.

Northwood added: " These talks will be partly driven by the common interest in fighting ISIL, but achieving the level of agreement required to form a Unity Government is unlikely in the near term. “ He said that it has been reported that the National Oil Company (NOC) has lifted the force majeure declared in December 2014 at Ras Lanuf Oil Terminal on the Gulf of Sidre.  Once operational the facility could increase Libya’s oil exports by up to 300,000 bpd.  

Northwood further commented: ". Under force majeure Ras Lanuf was not a target for ISIS.  As it returns to working status, it is likely to be of increasing economic importance to the Tobruk based Government and ISIS forces may therefore see it as a potential target for a terror attack.

" Care must therefore, be taken by vessels visiting Ras Lanuf. The Tobruk based government has threatened to attack any vessel they believe is assisting ISIS.  Vessels heading towards Ras Lanuf should make it clear to the authorities where the ship is heading in order to reduce the risk of being attacked.

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