Pi Day Celebrations Highlight the Infinite Possibilities Math and Science Bring Students

Raytheon Company is serving up a slice of proof that numbers are all around them.

Raytheon is celebrating the world’s most famous never-ending number by delivering pies to Boys & Girls Clubs around the country and dishing out fun facts about the trusty, time-honored decimal.

Pi dates back some 4,000 years, and it is commonly used to calculate the area of a circle. The number represents the ratio of the distance around a circle (circumference) to the distance across its center (diameter). Pi begins with 3.14 and goes on infinitely. To print out a billion decimal values in 12-point font would require a piece of paper long enough to stretch from Kansas to New York City.

Pi Through the Ages
Pi is widely used by engineers and students to solve math problems. The pi symbol is commonly used to calculate the area of a circle: the area of the circle equals pi times the radius of the circle squared. The earliest written approximation of pi dates back some 4,000 years. An ancient Greek mathematician from Syracuse, Sicily later discovered the first three digits of pi.

About MathMovesU
Raytheon’s MathMovesU® program is an initiative committed to increasing middle and elementary school students’ interest in math and science education by engaging them in hands-on, interactive activities. The innovative programs of MathMovesU include the traveling interactive experience MathAlive!®; Raytheon’s Sum of all Thrills™ experience at INNOVENTIONS at Epcot®, which showcases math in action as students design and experience their own thrill ride using math fundamentals; the "In the Numbers" game, a partnership with the New England Patriots on display at The Hall at Patriot Place presented by Raytheon; the company’s ongoing sponsorship of the MATHCOUNTS® National Competition; and the MathMovesU scholarship and grant program.

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