Per Vices Unveils Crimson The Next Generation Software Defined Radio for Radar Applications

Per Vices, a premier board and solution provider, is pleased to announce its next generation SDR technology: Crimson The Next Generation (Crimson TNG). It builds on the extraordinary wireless capabilities provided by the previous version of Crimson, and furthers the company’s vision of wireless technology. Crimson TNG is a high performance wireless platform which enables flexible, versatile, and evolvable applications. The technology encompassed in Crimson TNG provides seamless and transparent connectivity among all wireless devices.

Crimson TNG is a full duplex transceiver with an operating frequency from DC to 6GHz with four independently controlled receive and transmit chains, each having 322MHz of RF bandwidth . Further, it has a highly stable internal reference clock (+/- 5ppb) and a dual SFP+ backhaul providing up to 20Gbps transfer speeds.

Crimson TNG is the ideal solution to augment current radar technology used in the defense and surveillance apparatus (naval, coastal, or airport surface movement). Whether it is for Air Traffic Control (ATC) or border security, Crimson TNG has significantly improved channel isolation and noise figure, improving the current radar technologies.

In addition, Crimson TNG offers increased performance from the previous generation through a new and improved timing architecture enabling deterministic latency and phase coherency among the radio chains, perfect for MIMO applications.

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