Patria fulfilled its Industrial Participation obligations in Croatia

Patria has successfully fulfilled its offset and industrial participation obligations related to Patria AMV 8×8 delivery programmes in various countries. The latest took place in Croatia where Patria´s offset performance was approved by the Croatian Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development in December 2020. Fulfilling all obligations completely on schedule proves once again that Patria carries out its duties as agreed. 

The Croatian vehicle project covered 126 vehicles in total and it created top-level capability for the Croatian Defence Forces. The offset project lasted until the end of 2020 and involved several Croatian companies from different industry sectors. Various export activities from Croatia, and transfer of knowledge in the field of metabolomics are examples of successful offset projects which will benefit Croatian economy long after Patria´s obligation there is finished.

 “Patria systematically fulfills its promises in all projects. Industrial participation creates new jobs in the target country and helps the customer to create security of supply locally. Industrial participation activities bring benefits and growth to the participating countries and at the same time help countries to build industrial network and efficient cooperation in various ways”, says Jussi Järvinen, President of Patria’s Land business unit. In addition to Croatia, Patria has previously successfully implemented industrial participation obligations e.g. in Poland and Sweden. Patria’s customers can be confident that all projects will be completed as promised and on schedule, and that Patria is a trustworthy partner also in the field of industrial participation.

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