Norbain Offers Customers New PAC 212 Two-Door Standalone Controller

Norbain is pleased to announce that it can now offer customers the new PAC 212 two-door standalone controller. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, the PAC 212 is built around the PAC 500 controller series and offers many of the standard features associated with this range. 


Designed to offer a versatile solution and cater for different applications, the PAC 212 allows for up to 2,000 users to be administered via the built-in reader in both versions of the controller, the legacy Low Frequency (LF) and high security High Frequency (HF) format. It is a true two-door controller which allows for two PAC readers to be connected per channel. The controller has also been designed to programme ID credentials, making it ideal for commercial and residential applications. Due to the simplicity of the system, programming of additional ID credentials can be carried out in less than 10 seconds, following just three simple steps with an instant activation of the new IDs.


Ideal for upgrading legacy systems that require enhanced access features, the PAC 212 Controller is suitable for any security application where flexibility, building protection and local control are of paramount importance. 


When used in conjunction with any PAC HF or MT readers and PAC’s unique Ops™ credentials, the PAC 212 provides AES-128bit certified security which dramatically reduces the risk of token cloning, increasing security and minimising the threat of unauthorised access.


The controller offers a wide choice of configuration options such as time profiles, PIN & Prox, controller and reader tamper protection and additional features often found only in online controllers such as programmable extra door time and local Anti- Passback. 


Moreover, for increased security and accountability, the controller is capable of holding up to 4,000 events and token information in its memory. With the built in USB port, exporting this information is easy and effortless. 

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