Next Generation of Combat Computer System Enhances Situational Awareness

The Mounted Family of Computer Systems, or MFoCS, is the upgraded and battle-tested Force XXI Battle Command Brigaded and Below (FBCB2) combat situational awareness computer system from DRS Technologies, a Finmeccanica company.

Designed and manufactured to meet some of the toughest computing requirements, MFoCS represents the most advanced generation of rugged computers and displays ever engineered for military purposes. The product, backed by more than 15 years of use by U.S. armed forces, offers powerful, modular and flexible computing capabilities for ground vehicles, rotary wing aircraft, and weapon platforms throughout the world.

The system employs dismountable tablet computers, processors, keyboards, removable solid-state storage units, display components, cabling and installation kits designed for various platforms. All equipment is ruggedized for continuous operation across a broad spectrum of military and combat environments.

The tablet incorporates two high-capacity hot-swappable batteries specifically designed by DRS to operate under extreme conditions. (Hot-swappable means the batteries can be replaced without shutting down the system).

MFoCS supports situational awareness, command and control requirements, logistics and maneuvers through a common set of next-generation computing and display hardware providing the customer the ability to build their own system ensuring affordability, interoperability and flexibility for any mission.

MFoCS represents a leap forward in size, weight, power and cost. Depending upon the configuration, MFoCS units cost on average a third less than their currently fielded predecessors, while delivering a 2.5x to 5.5x increase in performance. The system can improve the command and control, maneuverability, logistics and situational awareness of a range of platforms and weapon systems, from ground vehicles to armored vehicles to rotary wing aircraft and more.

With years of combat experience built in, MFoCS represents the evolution of Force XXI Battle Command Brigaded and Below (FBCB2). The Mounted Family of Computer Systems is a fully interoperable common computing solution that merges the requirements of numerous military programs, users and standards while reducing size and cost and increasing the computing power.

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