New Portable Target Detection System Gives Ground Troops Better Stand-Off Ability

Troops identifying targets from a long distance often must rely on vehicle-mounted or airborne-based long-range monitoring systems during combat operations. But the need for dismounted troops to have excellent stand-off distance while monitoring or acquiring a target has become increasingly more important to commanders who have troops in remote locations.

Recognizing that need, DRS Technologies, a Finmeccanica company, developed the Mini See Spot (MSS), a dismounted or handheld long-range target detection device with the additional capability to see a laser designation spot.

The MSS has taken what was traditionally a vehicle or airborne platform and reduced it to fit in the palm of your hand, decreasing the reliance on those additional larger platforms allowing ground troops to extend their mission capabilities.

The device, significantly reduced in size but not function from similar products, allows for single hand operations and better all-around portability. Its long-range reconnaissance, advanced image quality and true imaging laser see spot are the key characteristics of the MSS thermal imager.

The MSS weighs less than two pounds, including its six hot-swappable batteries that extend operations without having to power down during a battery change. Hot-swappable means you can change batteries without shutting down the device.

The self-contained system and viewfinder allows users to see battlefield laser markers/designators directly on targets. It rapidly identifies, acquires and engages targets and has clear imagery through degraded battlefield and weather conditions.

Target identification by ground troops or aerial platforms can often be difficult from stand-off locations possibly leading to collateral damage or fratricide. Upgraded sensors on the MSS have vastly improved target identification allowing for further stand-off distance and improved identification, while the addition of the ability to see a laser designation spot on a target can reduce the chance of fratricide and collateral damage during combat operations.

This new system brings dismounted troops more flexibility in the field when they need it, in a more portable package while reducing the reliance on airborne or vehicle mounted target detection systems.

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