New multi-use Protection System from Airbus Defence and Space combines Signal intelligence, communication jamming and bomb protection in one device

 Airbus Defence and Space has developed a new protection system, called Multirole Jammer, that combines the highest efficiency countering radio-controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs) with comprehensive monitoring of the signal spectrum and tactical communication jamming.

Based on latest software-defined radio technologies, this Multirole Jammer analyses the signal spectrum around a vehicle and is thus in a position to jam the radio signals intended to ignite a roadside bomb in an extremely target-efficient way. In an extended role, the device can be used for operational signal intelligence, thus contributing to the generation of a comprehensive picture of the signal situation – a task that previously could only be accomplished by separate systems which are scarce in number and much more difficult to deploy. The multirole jammer also allows to take over classic tactical jamming tasks, as well as supporting the developing counter-UAV systems. Making use of the indispensable RCIED protection equipment ensures efficient use of available space, weight, power and budget.

“Lessons learnt from deployments such as Afghanistan have made more versatile and compact devices to monitor the electromagnetic spectrum indispensable”, said Thomas Müller, head of the Electronics Business Line at Airbus Defence and Space. “Our longstanding experience in electronic warfare enables us to translate latest technologies into solutions which offer reliable protection to the forces on the ground”.  

The Multirole Jammer uses the ultra-fast SMART Responsive Jamming Technology developed by Airbus Defence and Space to substantially enhance protection compared to conventional systems. Thanks to new digital receiver and signal processing technologies, the system achieves reaction times of well below a millisecond. The jamming power is focused on the detonation signal’s specific frequency instead of being distributed over the whole frequency range, as is the case in conventional systems. The SMART Responsive Jamming Technology is already operational in the company’s Vehicle Protection Jammer.

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