NBC-Sys to Supply CBRN Decontamination Systems to the Canadian Army

Earlier this month, Michel Bonnefis, CEO of NBC-Sys, and Ian Marsh, President of the Canadian company Dew Engineering & Development ULC, signed a major contract for the design and production of six personnel, vehicle and equipment decontamination systems for the Canadian army.

The contract was won following an international call for tender issued by the PWGSC (Public Works and Government Services Canada) and also includes the operational readiness services for 5 years, with a possible extension to 20 years, plus an option for three more systems.
NBC-Sys will supply the heart of the system, since the decontaminant, the mixing and spraying equipment and the decontamination systems for individuals and infantry equipment will be made in France.

With this latest success, NBC-Sys has again confirmed its know-how and the competitiveness of its CBRN decontamination products. The contract will also help the company to gain a firm foothold on the North American market.

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