Morocco acquiring Javelin anti-tank missiles

Morocco is strengthening its arsenal against armored threats by acquiring over 600 Javelin anti-tank missiles, with the deal totaling $260 million.

The US State Department confirmed the approval of this sale on March 19th, notifying Congress about Morocco’s request for 612 Javelin missiles and 200 Lightweight Command Launch Units (LWCLUs), along with support equipment and training.

This acquisition aims to enhance Morocco’s defense capabilities, safeguarding its sovereignty and meeting national security needs, according to the US Defence Security Cooperation Agency.

The Javelin missiles, produced by a joint venture between Lockheed Martin and RTX Corporation, offer advanced features such as automatic infrared guidance and a high-explosive anti-tank warhead effective against modern armor and fortifications.

With its user-friendly interface, the Javelin allows operators to engage targets swiftly and safely from various locations. Having proven its effectiveness in conflicts like Iraq and Ukraine, the Javelin enjoys widespread adoption, with European countries among its users alongside Middle Eastern nations like Jordan, Oman, UAE, and Qatar.

This acquisition reflects Morocco’s broader strategy of modernizing its military capabilities through acquisitions from major suppliers like the United States and France. Recent purchases include Raytheon Joint Stand Off Weapons and HIMARS launchers, highlighting Morocco’s efforts to bolster its air and ground forces with cutting-edge equipment.

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