Reinforced cave complexes and other hardened targets have become a growing challenge in many battlespaces today, but those are exactly what Raytheon’s Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW) has been engineered to defeat.

The new JSOW C Block III is an advanced glide weapon with a range of more than 70 nautical miles that gives extensive operational flexibility for warfighters. It’s part of a family of next generation weapons, providing high performance capabilities and survivability in high threat environments against a broad range of targets.

JSOW C Block III has captured the attention of air forces world-wide. That includes several Gulf Cooperation Council countries which are at various stages of acquiring this precision stand-off weapon. It has been or is being integrated onto fourth and fifth generation fighters, including F-15, F-16, F/A-18 and F-35 aircraft, said Mark “Smoke” Borup, senior manager of Business Development for Raytheon Missile Systems.

“JSOW C gives warfighters tremendous flexibility with its range, advanced warhead, and its ability to defeat robust electronic countermeasures,” Borup said.


JSOW C employs an integrated GPS-inertial navigation system that is coupled with an Imaging Infrared seeker that enables autonomous target acquisition. Those advancements give JSOW the ability to acquire and identify its targets with precision, even when obscured by dust or smoke on the battlefield.

JSOWC can defeat robust electronic countermeasures designed to disrupt the weapon’s navigation and precision targeting capability, Borup said.

With its tandem warhead and smart fuse, JSOW C consistently demonstrates unparalleled accuracy and lethality, providing warfighters with operational flexibility against a broad target set.

“JSOW C is capable of pre-planned waypoint navigation to avoid threats, and can enhance target effects by programming flight parameters right from the cockpit,” he said. In addition, JSOW can function in a “Target of Opportunity” mode for pop-up targets.

“The weapon’s advanced warhead adds yet another layer of operational flexibility, as operators can select a variety of cockpit-programmable effects, from penetration to blast and fragments,” Borup said. “Warfighters really appreciate having this ability at their fingertips in a dynamic battlespace.”

Affordability is another important aspect of JSOW, including low cost of integration based on previous efforts with most platform types, Borup said.

“With its proven record, JSOW is a user-friendly, highly reliable and cost-effective system that will provide a quantum leap in technology and capabilities for many countries in the Gulf region,” he said.


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