MBDA Ramps Up ENFORCER Missile Production with European Support

MBDA is receiving a major boost for its ENFORCER missile system thanks to a proposed funding initiative from the European Commission’s ASAP (Accelerated Support for Advanced Procurements) program. This initiative, dubbed the ENFORCER Production Increase Campaign (EPIC), aims to significantly increase production rates at MBDA’s facilities in Schrobenhausen, Germany, and partner locations across Europe.

Increased Production, Faster Delivery

MBDA CEO, Eric Beranger, is confident about the project’s impact. He highlights EPIC’s role in “significantly scaling up ENFORCER production, improving responsiveness, and speeding up deliveries.” With initial deliveries to the German Armed Forces planned for this year and an export contract secured, MBDA is already moving forward with series production. The goal is to ramp up production to meet the growing demand for this innovative weapon system.

Boosting European Defense

This development underscores MBDA’s commitment to strengthening Europe’s defense capabilities. As a European leader in missile systems, MBDA is actively expanding production across the continent. The ASAP EPIC project plays a crucial role in solidifying European defense resilience and ensuring the sovereignty of client nations and their allies.

The ENFORCER Advantage

The ENFORCER system stands out for its portability, lightweight design, and exceptional precision. This shoulder-launched, fire-and-forget missile boasts a maximum range of 2 kilometers. ENFORCER’s adaptability for day and night operations, enclosed space deployment, and ability to precisely engage lightly armored targets, even in urban environments, makes it a valuable asset for mobile ground forces. Additionally, the system’s modular design paves the way for a future family of Enforcer munitions, adaptable for land, air, and sea applications.

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