Leveraging a solid presence in the United Arab Emirates, Leonardo is attending the Dubai Airshow 2023 (13-17 November), highlighting its core competencies in the electronics and helicopter sectors, with systems and training solutions as well as support services. The Company, however, is also looking at the strong national interest in newer developing and technology innovation fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Space and Cyber Security.

Leonardo has a 50+ years presence in UAE, one of the largest export markets for the Company, and with a highly diversified range of products, services, and collaborations, both in the civil and defense sectors. More than 100 helicopters are used in the country for VIP transport, energy industry support, rescue and security, with one of the leading logistics centres established by Leonardo with the local partner Abu Dhabi Aviation. Moreover, 45 ships are in service with the Navy’s feature systems, radars, communication systems, and artillery supplied by Leonardo. Notably, the Aermacchi MB-339 trainer and the relevant training capabilities have been provided to the Al Fursan aerobatic team.

Leonardo now aims to strengthen the strategic partnership with the country, expand the collaboration with local companies and institutions, both industrially and technologically, and deliver training for highly skilled professionals. As an example, in the space sector, Leonardo’s industrial expertise in general terms covers the entire value chain: satellite and orbital infrastructure manufacturing, equipment and high-tech sensor production, satellite service management, propulsion and launcher systems. Therefore, with this expertise, Leonardo is well-positioned as an ideal partner for initiatives in the space sector.

Cyber Security can be another vital area of interest. Together with the recent cooperation with Khalifa University to offer certification and training programs in Abu Dhabi, the Company is ready to provide the country with its know-how in digital infrastructure resilience against cyber-attacks and response capability. Cyber Security increasingly involves all sectors and will be even more so in the future. This will require a solid effort to secure not only digital and physical infrastructures but also systems and platforms, communications, and mobility since their early design stages.

Data gathering, analysis, use, and protection are vital to these new technology development areas. Thanks to some of the most powerful performance computing and Artificial Intelligence capabilities available in aerospace, defense, and security, Leonardo can manage all of those phases. The davinci-1 HPC is significantly contributing to accelerating the digitization processes of the Company thanks to its 200 servers, 5 million billion floating-point operations per second, and a memory of 20 million gigabytes. Leonardo can support government and institutional agencies and authorities in their digital transformation plans to benefit communities’ security and service quality.

At the Dubai Airshow, Leonardo is also presenting technology capabilities, confirming its solid and competitive position in core sectors. The Company is displaying the TMMR (Tactical Multi-Mission Radar),

a multi-domain dual-use radar suitable for anti-drone and Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar (C-RAM) for short-range air defense, platform, vehicle, territorial and infrastructural protection. Additionally, the Osprey multi-function electronically scanned array radar for land and maritime surveillance.

An Italian Guardia di Finanza’s AW169 helicopter is on static display, featuring one of this type’s most recent, complete, and sophisticated configurations with several proprietary technologies in integrated sensors and mission equipment. This aircraft will carry out a demonstration tour in the country over the next few weeks. The introduction of skids, the performance increase, and the certification of dedicated SAR – Search and Rescue modes, together with the future advantages of an increased gross weight and larger capacity, will make the AW169 the ideal solution to modernize the fleets used in the region for public services and energy industry support.

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