KNDS Expands to Ukraine with New Subsidiary

KNDS, a Franco-German defense company, has recently announced the creation of a subsidiary in Ukraine.

This move aims to strengthen the company’s presence in the region and enhance its ability to support the Ukrainian defense industry.

The company signed two Letters of Intent with the Ukrainian firm ENMEK. The first agreement is for the establishment of a maintenance center for the Caesar self-propelled howitzer, a key piece of artillery in the Ukrainian arsenal. The second agreement is for the production of spare parts for the Caesar using 3D printing technology.

Additionally, KNDS has entered into a contract with KZVV, another Ukrainian company, to transfer the production of 155mm artillery shells. This is part of a broader effort to localize the production of ammunition in Ukraine.

These initiatives are part of a broader strategy by KNDS to support Ukraine’s defense capabilities and contribute to the country’s sovereignty in the defense sector.

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