Kelvin Hughes Showcases SharpEye™ SCV Radar and SeaCross System at Seawork International

A world leader in the design and supply of radar navigation and surveillance systems, Kelvin Hughes will be exhibiting and demonstrating its latest SharpEye™ SCV small boat radar together with a specialist mission radar display on Stand C7 at Seawork International this year.

The SCV bridges the gap between leisure radome radars and the enhanced performance provided by Kelvin Hughes’ SharpEye™ navigation and tactical open array systems used on capital ships. Employing the same pulse compression, Doppler processing and solid state electronics technology that characterises all SharpEye™ products, the SCV is designed for watercraft ranging from small RHIBs up to 35m fast patrol craft operated by coastguards, search and rescue, customs, police, navies, armies and special forces.

Capable of detecting and tracking extremely small targets and asymmetric threats in poor weather conditions, the SCV delivers an unparalleled level of situational awareness for small watercraft, enabling autonomous vessel operation with informed real-time and local tactical decision making. Moreover, as a result of its inherent low power design, user selectable frequencies and power modes, and patented pulsed transmissions from the solid state amplifier, the SCV offers strong resistance to jamming as well as a low probability of detection.

In addition the SCV doesn’t need to warm up at switch-on and with its "Get Me Home" dual redundancy power amplifier and high MTBF, it is always available when needed. Its solid state design means that it requires no routine maintenance and, unlike most small boat radars, has no components that degrade with time, such as a magnetron.

Easily installed on radar arches and masts, the SCV has a flexible interface making it possible for the core high performance element of the radar system, the transceiver, to interface with other radar displays. At Seawork International, Kelvin Hughes will be demonstrating the SCV in combination with a specialist display from SeaCross Marine AB, a Swedish navigation specialist, further enhancing the surveillance solutions available for smaller craft.

The system incorporates a customisable display specially designed for high-speed navigation in littoral and coastal waters. Its key features include an open system architecture designed to interface with sensors using a wide range of different protocols and standards, a unique set of highly intuitive radar functions and displays, and customisable colour and contrast settings for different conditions and light environments, including night vision operation.

From solid state surveillance radars and radomes for small water craft to radar displays, ECDIS and digital charts to integrated bridge systems, Kelvin Hughes has established itself as a technology innovator and reliable partner to the world’s navies, special forces, merchant shipping, workboat and pleasure craft operators. That expertise is also applied to the land and maritime security domain where products designed and built by Kelvin Hughes safeguard ports, harbours, coastlines, borders and critical national infrastructure.

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