Kelvin Hughes Provides High Resolution SharpEye VTS Radar for The Port of Vitória, Brazil

 A world leader in the design and supply of navigation and security surveillance systems, Kelvin Hughes is delighted to announce that it has been contracted to supply two of its SBS-900-2 SharpEye™ radar systems for the Porto de Vitória in Brazil. The equipment is being provided through Indra, Spain’s leading consulting and technology multinational and major Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) system supplier and integrator.

The SBS-900-2 is from the ‘advanced’ radar family of the Kelvin Hughes Shore Based Sensor radar range. The radar system consists of a single X-Band SharpEye™ radar transceiver mounted in an environmentally sealed enclosure on a mast close to the antenna. The antenna itself is also an advanced, high specification design with a span of over 6 meters (21ft) and has a switchable polarisation capability between horizontal and vertical beamwidth.

The SBS radar system will be fully remote controlled and has been designed for continuous operation. Capable of achieving extremely high range accuracy and target discrimination in range and azimuth, the SBS system can also adapt automatically to changes in the weather and environmental conditions without the need for any operator intervention.

Kelvin Hughes’ SharpEye radar technology features unique patented pulse sequences and Doppler processing, High Pulse Compression Ratio and Frequency Diversity. Combined with the antenna system that can switch the polarisation of the RF energy produced, the SharpEye™ Doppler radar system is able to see through the clutter (heavy rain and sea waves) leaving a clear radar picture which meets the most demanding surveillance requirements of a Vessel Traffic Management Service (VTMS) by providing full situational awareness.

The radars will help to increase maritime safety and increase the efficiency of port operations by facilitating the monitoring and management of vessel traffic in the area and the provision of data to the port’s surrounding municipalities.

Paul Mariner, Kelvin Hughes’ Regional Sales Manager, commented: “We’re delighted to be working with Indra again following the recent award of four SBS-700 radar systems at the Port of Southampton, UK, one of the busiest deep-water ports in the world. Winning this new contract to help protect the Port of Vitória is further evidence of the superior capability and cost-effectiveness of our Shore Based Sensor radar systems.”

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