John Cockerill Defense Unveils Cutting-Edge Technologies at Eurosatory 2024

John Cockerill Defense showcases its latest innovations at Eurosatory 2024, including the Agueris high-fidelity cabin simulator for armored vehicles and the revolutionary Cockerill i-X ground interceptor.

Agueris Simulators Up Your Training Game

The new Agueris simulators provide a realistic training environment for crews, enhancing driving, gunnery, and tactical skills. Visitors can experience a live C3105 turret simulator at the booth.

Cockerill i-X: A Game-Changer in Defense

The i-X marks a breakthrough in combat systems. This high-speed, modular interceptor defeats threats before they reach their target. Its features include:

  • Unmatched Speed and Stability: Fires at over 120km/h with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Adaptability: Integrates multi-sensor data fusion, various weapons, and next-generation effectors.
  • Stealth and Maneuverability: Thermal/hybrid engine, adaptive camouflage, and rapid transportability.

Cockerill® Series: Reliable Weapon Systems

John Cockerill Defense also presents its renowned Cockerill® series turrets:

  • Cockerill® 1030: Lightweight, precise, and multi-mission capable, ideal for various vehicles and missions.
  • Cockerill® CPWS: Remotely operated and modular, integrates diverse weaponry for various platforms.
  • Cockerill® 3000 Series: Modular turret family with various calibers (30mm, “super 40mm”, 90mm, 105mm).

Innovation Beyond Weaponry

John Cockerill Defense showcases ongoing development projects:

  • VIRGA: Modifies radar and thermal signatures for enhanced protection.
  • OPTIMIS: Innovative MMI system using a helmet-based display (featured with the Cockerill i-X).

John Cockerill Defense Sécurité: Safety and Security Solutions

John Cockerill Defense Sécurité exhibits its security technologies at booth EF185:

  • COCKERILL® Drone Sentinelle: Detects, controls, and recovers enemy drones.
  • COCKERILL® EOIR: Electro-optical systems for long-range surveillance.
  • COCKERILL® Stereovision: Perimeter protection with AI-powered stereoscopic detection.
  • COCKERILL® Access Control: Biometric access control system for various entry points.

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