Intellicabin In-Seat Power System Development Nears Completion

 BAE Systems has made strides this year in its development of the in-seat power solution for its IntelliCabin line of products as it recently concluded cycle testing in Milwaukee, Wis.

Cycle testing analyzed durability with experiments including the all-important spillage check to make sure power outlets work even if a passenger sloshes a drink on or in them, as well as offset plug insertion and insertion with plugs from various countries. Abuse testing also was conducted for the system’s Smart Junction Box and Variable Frequency Converter to make sure all components of the solution were durable enough to withstand installation and the rigors of air travel. In all, more than 1.7 million cycles of insertion were performed on 46 outlets during this phase.

The system tests assessed the products’ ability to provide power when used with plugs from different brands, types, and countries, as well as measure the effectiveness of the system in scenarios requiring different levels of power demand.

Cycle testing showed that the system out-performed existing outlets flying on aircraft today in terms of continuity of power supplied even when demand was high, and that the BAE Systems’ outlets did not loosen their grip on plugs or lose contact even at end of life.

As a passenger, how often have you plugged in your device on a flight, only to realize hours later you weren’t getting power because your plug had vibrated out of the outlet? It’s a common problem on existing solutions, and one that IntelliCabin’s In-seat Power system will solve, as the retention force of the outlet, on average, remains consistent over the life of the system.

So plug in and relax – we’ve got you powered.

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