Infoblox Wins ‘Emerging Security Vendor of the Year’ at NME Innovation Awards 2015

 Infoblox Inc., the automated network control company, today announced that it has been named ‘Emerging Security Vendor of the Year’ by Network Middle East (NME), the region’s leading magazine for networking industry, at the 2015 edition of the NME Innovation awards. The award function was held on the 27th of May at the InterContinental, Dubai Festival City.

Mr. Ashraf Sheet, Sr. Sales Manager, UAE at Infoblox who collected the award says, “DNS is a foundational Internet technology used in every non-trivial IP-based transaction. If it’s not working properly, Internet transactions can grind to a halt leading to disastrous results including lost revenue due to downtime, diminished customer satisfaction and lost productivity. Unfortunately, this has made it one of the most attractive targets for hackers and malware criminals. Infoblox is the only vendor worldwide to provide holistic end-to-end DNS security and defense against the widest range of DNS-based attacks such as volumetric, exploits, and DNS hijacking attacks. We are delighted to have won the award which is testament to Infoblox’s DNS security leadership. This will go a long way in reassuring our customers and partners that Infoblox is a company that is at the forefront of technology innovation in the security domain.”

Today a weak-point being exploited- independent of the region and the specific technologies that have been deployed- has been the foundation of the internet itself. And if we look at this foundation, we’re talking about Domain Name System (DNS). DNS fundamentally allows people and organizations to communicate, transact and conduct business in the most intuitive way possible. Because of its critical role in establishing all forms of connectivity across the internet, DNS traffic is always allowed to pass through firewalls. This has not escaped the attention of criminal elements who increasingly are exploiting the lack of defenses for DNS infrastructure. In the past 18 months, DNS has become the latest target and has rapidly become one of the most severe points of exposure, especially in service provider networks. In mobile networks, for example, DNS servers were identified as the #1 exposure in 2014. Beyond simple and sophisticated denial of service attacks, various additional exploits also target DNS, including cache poisoning, reflection and amplification attacks. There is currently only ONE effective way to address these DNS threats – directly from within the DNS servers themselves. DNS attacks cannot be handled by any of the traditional security technologies including firewalls, intrusion technologies, etc. Purpose-built products that provide Advanced DNS Protection (ADP) similar to what Infoblox provides can address such attacks.

The NME award event organizers stated that the ‘award seeks to recognize the security vendor that has made significant inroads into the regional security space over the last twelve months and challenged the established brands for market share. DNS attacks are at an all-time high and traditional DNS servers do not offer the protection you need. Infoblox has been at the forefront of protecting DNS servers with industry-leading technology that has made it into a market leader with the regional growth numbers to prove it.’

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