Hornet and Safran Electronics & Defense sign a partnership agreement for joint international commercial development

On December 14, 2021, Hornet and Safran Electronics & Defense signed a partnership agreement at Arquus’ headquarters in Satory, France, to promote the Hornet series of remotely operated turrets.

Developed for the Scorpion program, these turrets combine Arquus’ know-how in designing and integrating systems for armored vehicles with Safran’s expertise in inertia, optronics and electronics.

Building on this cooperation, Hornet and Safran Electronics & Defense have joined forces to promote the Hornet brand and its products worldwide. The new partnership establishes a joint marketing strategy to take advantage of the two companies’ respective commercial presences around the world.

Hornet’s director, Mr. Jean BOŸ, welcomed “a thrilling new strategic partnership targeting the conquest of new international markets. This agreement combines the best of our know-how to position Hornet at the heart of discussions on the protection and equipment of land vehicles”.

The Hornet Business Unit was officially launched in early 2021. It is dedicated to the promotion and marketing of the Hornet range, which today consists of three remotely operated turrets, the Hornet, the Hornet Lite and the Hornet S.

Hornet remote-controlled weapon stations, which have been fitted to the French Army’s Griffon vehicles since 2019, are currently being deployed on all new combat vehicles of the French Army, starting with the Jaguar and the Serval.

The Hornet RCWS are thus already at the heart of the French Army’s operational deployments. They have been deployed in overseas operations for the first time in 2021. Hornet is now looking forward to welcoming new customers.

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